Bodor Laser looks to conquer the world

Based in Jinan, Shandong, China Bodor was established in 2008 and is among the top 10 laser cutting machine manufacturers in China. Initially the company began manufacturing CO2 lasers but has now turned its full attention to the manufacture of fiber laser cutting machines in its 27 000m² facility.

Bodor manufactures machines that are dedicated to cutting sheet and plate and those that are dedicated to cutting tube and others that combine both sheet and tube cutting. Machines manufactured for sheet and plate cutting are configured to have an open bed with a gantry cross beam, as is in the case of plasma or oxy fuel cutting machines, or a fully enclosed machine. The tube cutting machines are fully enclosed in the cutting area.

Bodor owns one of the biggest super factories in China – consisting of 27 000m² of production space and a large R&D centre. The Bodor marketing department has an office area of 3 600m². The company employs 1 750 staff, including over 350 R&D personnel.

Bodor’s main facility is in the Hi-tech Zone Jinan, Shandong and the company has offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen and branches in the Northeast, Southwest, Nanjing and Central Plains of China. Its offices are all over the country and there are nine overseas offices. These are in Germany, Russia, Turkey, the United States, Mexico, India, South Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia. The company now serves more than 150 countries and regions on six continents and provides a 24-hour service in 16 languages.

Bodor believes it competes with European and American counterparts with its unique technological advantages. The smooth cutting technology developed by the company – Bodor Genius – is an auto focus laser head that improves the cutting accuracy and product quality. Combined with the company’s Bodor lightning technology, excellent results can be achieved, despite the material quality. The machine software – Bodor 2.0 – is an efficient, simple, and inclusive operating system, which is able to meet different needs of customers for cutting.

Bodor has also been listed on the New Third Board – China’s National Equities Exchange and Quotations – since 2016. Bodor has 16 patents, three software copyrights and more than 10 technical patents.

The E-series of machines for sheet and plate cutting have bed sizes between 3 000mm by 1 500mm right up to the E8025, which has a bed size of 8 100mm by 2 500mm. Laser output on these machines are from 1kW up to 6kW.

The machines manufactured for sheet and tube cutting, the F-T-series, have bed sizes between 3 000mm by 1 500mm right up to the E6020T, which has a bed size of 6 100mm by 2 000mm. Laser output on these machine are from 1kW up to 4kW and pipe cutting capabilities are between 20mm and 200mm and for square tube 20mm by 20mm up to 140mm by 140mm. Rectangular tube dimensions are 20mm and maximum 200mm. Minimum lengths are between 3 000mm and 6 000mm.

The fully covered P-series for sheet cutting has a working area of between 3 000mm by 1 500mm and 8 100mm by 2500mm and laser source of between 1kW and 12kW. The P3015 is the most popular fiber laser machine and features include a cast iron bed that lasts forever, cast aluminium crossbeam, Bodor Pro 2.0 operating system, auto focus laser head, touchscreen with double HD cameras, automatic nozzle changer, full protection cover, wireless remote control handle and two automatic exchange platform systems.

The S-series is a bigger version of the P-series that can be equipped with a 25kW power source.

The T230 is a tube laser cutting machine specialised in cutting various tube shapes and its automatic loading and unloading system makes operation easier and faster. Laser output on these machine is from 1kW up to 4kW and pipe cutting capabilities are between 20mm and 230mm and for square tube 20mm by 20mm up to 160mm by 160mm. Rectangular tube edge dimensions are 20mm and maximum 170mm. Maximum length of pipe or tube is 6 500mm.

Where possible Bodor manufactures its products with equipment supplied by Precitec, SMC Electric, Beckhoff, Neugart and Rexroth. Automatic nozzle changers are included and the operating system is the Bodor Pro 2.0.

Red Dot Design award
A recipient of a Red Dot Design award in 2018, the company’s plate cutting machine was described as: “The overall modelling posture of the product is composed, the lines are simple and tensile, and the design adopts the combination of white plastic sheet metal and black acrylic, and the metal is compared with the glass. It is the first machine tool to use glass reinforced plastic material, which is lightweight, fast, highly efficient, and has a long service life. The z-axis adopts an injection moulding process, which greatly improves the efficiency of production. Compared with ordinary CO2 laser cutting machines, it can save more space and gas consumption, the photoelectric conversion rate is high, saves energy and protects the environment.

The company had previously won the Red Star Award in 2016 for new products.

Cape Town-headquartered WD Hearn Machine Tools have recently announced that they have been appointed the agents for Jinan Bodor Laser, the worldwide operating, Chinese manufacturer of flat sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machines.

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