Blaser Swisslube appoints Hi-Tech Machine Tools as its sole agent in South Africa

Blaser Swisslube, a globally active company in the metalworking fluid sector that develops and produces high-quality cutting and grinding fluids for various industries, has announced that it has appointed Hi-Tech Machine Tools as its sole agent in South Africa to market and distribute its range of coolants, cutting oils, grinding oils and micro emulsions.

Blaser Swisslube develops and produces high-quality cutting and grinding fluids and its customers produce a wide range of products, from the tiniest of components to large, critical and structural components across all manufacturing industries.

Since the company was established by Willy Blaser in Switzerland in 1936, Blaser Swisslube has been a family-owned business. Second-generation Peter Blaser made the decision in 1973 to start producing metalworking fluids for industrial machining. This set the path for Blaser’s future success in industry as a leader in coolant technology. Third-generation Marc Blaser took the helm in 2011 as CEO of the now approximately 600 employees worldwide.

Over the years, the company has adapted to the ever-changing metalworking processing conditions, such as the machine, tool, and processing parameters, and the once-small business has grown into a global player serving over 60 countries all over the world.

“Manufacturers are looking at saving time and money in their production operations. This is in overheads, manpower and machinery. They want the cost per part to be reduced, which will improve their bottom line. Every second makes a difference,” said Hi-Tech Machine Tools MD Peter Killian.

“The oils, coolants and lubricants used in metalworking shops are often overlooked as an opportunity to improve process efficiencies and the bottom line. Metalworking fluids have a greater financial impact on a company than the purchase price alone. Experts say the cost of these fluids could be between 0.5% and 2% of total sales. It is generally accepted that the material costs are fixed at 22%, tooling costs are between 3% and 6% and the other 72% to 75% are made up of overheads (21%), manpower (28%) and machining (26%).”

“However, metalworking fluids can affect up to 95% of the production cost per workpiece. As stated earlier, some experts estimate the cost of tooling at about 6% while the cost of lubricant is a little more than 1%. With those figures, saving even 1% on tooling cost should balance out the lubricant cost. Even at the highest cost per litre, initial lubricant cost should never be more than 2% of total sales. It goes to reason that if you save 3% of tooling costs, you seriously improve your bottom line.”

“Many factors affect a machining process – the material, machine, cutting tool, machining strategy, coolant and more all play a role in how efficient a process is. And when shops want to optimise their machining processes, each of these factors must be considered. Optimisation can be a long and complicated process to accomplish, and shops often reach out to a partner to help.”

“Blaser Swisslube developed the online Liquid Tool, a DNA analysis method for conducting faster feedback on metalworking fluid condition in use, to save time and money and to fully exploit the potential of machines and tools. A coolant becomes a Liquid Tool if all aspects are taken into consideration with regards to machine properties and performance, to offer the right solutions.”

“Blaser Swisslube’s goal is to optimise its customers’ manufacturing processes with Liquid Tool and to improve their economic efficiency, productivity as well as the machining quality, by identifying and procuring the precise Blaser Swisslube product for their unique needs.”

“They are able to do this because Blaser Swisslube has created optimal conditions to run generic machining tests in its Technology Centre at its headquarters in Hasle-Rüegsau, Switzerland. The Technology Centre is equipped with a number of high-end CNC machine tools where various cutting tests are performed. Its Liquid Tool concept combines advanced cutting fluids and oils, application and consulting knowledge, and customer and training services.”

“The Technology Centre is unique in the industry and allows Blaser Swisslube to test recently developed cutting and grinding fluids of an incredibly diverse range of materials, as well as conduct close-to-reality simulations of production situations.”

“By analysing the customer’s entire production process and selecting the most suitable metalworking fluid, Blaser Swisslube’s coolant can positively influence tool wear, cutting speed, surface quality and sump life as well as soft factors such as odour and human and environmental sustainability.”

Blaser Swisslube’s product range includes mineral oil-based cutting oils, ester-based cutting oils, water-miscible coolants, minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) fluids, cutting oils, grinding oils and technical equipment. They are used universally for machining and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous materials and are well suited for heavy-duty and difficult operations such as deep hole drilling, broaching, reaming, creep-feed grinding and high-speed machining, besides the many other machining and cutting processes.

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