BAE unveils new RG35 MIV variant

BAE Land Systems South Africa has developed a new Motorised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) variant of its RG35 mine-protected vehicle family.

The RG35 MIV is similar to the Reconnaissance, Patrol and Utility (RPU) variant that was offered to Canada for its Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle project, but has a larger hull (almost 80 cm longer) and a door on the right side where the spare wheel is mounted on the RPU variant.

It has seating for the driver and co-driver, with an escape hatch above the driver, two men under an overhead weapon station or one in a manned turret, and six infantry in the back in outward-facing seats, with a rear door and a roof hatch. There are four armoured glass windows in the right side and three in the left to aid the infantry’s situational awareness.


The RG35 MIV has a gross vehicle mass of 21 tons and is 5.96 m long, 2.6 m wide and 2.4 m high to the roof. The height can be lowered to 2.25 m for transport purposes, which together with an empty mass of 14.1 tons, allows transportation by C-130 or similar aircraft.

It is powered by a Cummins SL 336 kW/1,620 Nm diesel engine (optional 448 kW) driving through a ZF six-speed automatic transmission with an integrated retarder and two-speed permanent 4×4 transfer case. The suspension uses Axletech axles, double wishbones with hydro-pneumatic struts, and has four selectable ride height settings with a digital body-control system.


The wheels are fitted with Michelin 16.00R20XZL tyres with run-flat inserts, and there is a tyre inflation system. The ZF steering is hydraulically assisted; the brakes are air-actuated with pneumatic release for the emergency brake. Power for the 28V DC system is supplied by a 600A generator, with a 1,250A engine-driven generator being an option.

Its top speed is 105 km/h, and the vehicle can climb a 60%+ slope and a 60 cm step, cross a 1.05 m trench and traverse a 2.37 m radius hump. Approach and departure angles are 53° and 38° respectively; the kerb to kerb turning circle is 15 m.

The protection is to STANAG 4569A Level 4 (ballistic) and STANAG 4569B Level4A/3B (mines), with improvised explosive device (IED) side protection. A fire suppression system can be fitted.