Apex Metrology Solutions brings the latest quality management software and scanning solutions to South Africa

The world is expanding and becoming even more connected. New markets are opening and environmental pressure is being put on governments and multi-national companies. As a result it is changing the way components and products are manufactured. There is no place to hide and lack of knowledge is not taken lightly, especially when there are many tools that are now available that will aid companies in their manufacturing processes.

A metrology technology explosion is occurring. Companies must be ready for a metrology revolution on the shop floor. 10 years ago, metrologists gathered over a beer to talk about the digital thread. Five years ago, they were pitching fast, easy-to-use scanners with a PowerPoint deck. Now those digital solutions are no longer dreams. By putting intelligence inside scanning systems and their associated software, shop floor personnel can operate a scanner after watching just a few videos.

Metrology and quality are now an integral part of an organisation and provide opportunities for sales, training, implementation, support and professional services as well as product development in the manufacturing space.

To enable manufacturing companies to efficiently create, manage and monitor all quality requirements across manufactured components and products Apex Metrology Solutions SA is supplying bespoke solutions using the latest quality management and scanning software and equipment technologies. They offer a wide range of products and services – from ZG 3D scanners and CAD software to contract measurement and scanning, CMM refurbishment and spares.

One of the integral products is the High QA manufacturing quality management software provides integrated manufacturing quality management software (QMS) solutions for manufacturing companies of every size to streamline and cost-effectively manage quality processes and efficiently work in partnership with their entire supply chain. The innovative software solutions provide all the procedures, workflows, structures and resources needed to monitor, manage, communicate and document your manufacturing and quality processes.

Another is the ZG MarvelScan hand-held laser scanner which scans parts required for quality inspection and/or reverse engineering, mesh models and CAD models. ZG Technology is a professional metrology-grade 3D scanner solution provider in China based on independent Intellectual Property Right, cutting-edge technologies and achievements from Wuhan University. They develop, manufacture, and sell 3D portable measurement technologies and provide engineering services.

Quicksurface is a scan to CAD software for transforming 3D scan meshes from any 3D scanner into CAD models. Quicksurface guides you through every step of the way to help you make the best decision in creating accurate CAD models.

Aesub is a new revolutionary scanning spray that helps to digitise reflective and transparent surfaces. It evaporates after the 3D scan and there is no more mess, no more cleaning and is easy to apply.

Chotest is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales, committed to the design and production of precision measuring instruments and calibration instruments. Their products have been used widely in government metrology and quality inspection agencies, automotive, aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical and other industries.

MetrologyBase is one of the companies in the industry that designs and manufactures support equipment for 3D measurement devices. They manufacture many stand and fixture equipment to make 3D measurements easier and more accurate. These products are designed to work with laser scanners, 3D measuring arms, bridge type CMMs, gantry type CMMs, horizontal arm CMMs, and many existing 3D measurement devices.

For further details contact Apex Metrology Solutions on TEL: 064 073 5612 or visit https://www.apexmetsol-sa.co.za/