Amada releases a fully automatic retrofittable bending cell

Amada developed the RBR fully automatic bending solution as the answer to its customers requirement to produce a wide range of part sizes with a reliable and fast bending cycle, whilst maintaining high quality standards.

Amada’s RBR series, a fully automatic solution with the possibility to schedule a large production run of different parts, is now available for the European market, The bending cell is equipped with all the appropriate devices to bring the necessary flexibility required by our customers, such as the automatic tool and gripper changers, and the motorised regripping units to support the part manipulation by the bending robot.

From the press brake side, the HRB-ATC series, available both as 100 tons 3 metres and 220 tons 4 metres, offers the advantages of fully automated production thanks to the automatic tool changer (ATC). The ATC, which is able to reduce the set-up time of the press brake by up to 80% compared to a manual tool loading, is also an essential device to let the operator schedule the requested production without any tool layout restriction. The Amada HRB-ATC series also features a punch reverse function and automatic crowning, compensating for deflections in the upper and lower beams when pressure is applied, which comes as standard to boost precision for users.
The Amada RBR series is available with either a 50kg or 200kg payload robots, selectable depending on the needs of the customer’s production. The flexibility of the solution is granted by the support of a wide range of part size, from a minimum of 300mm x 200mm for either robot, up to 2000mm x 1000mm for the 50kg robot and 3000mm x 1500mm for the 200kg version. Subcontract fabricators serving markets such as refrigeration, kitchen equipment, retail display, furniture, and construction, for example, will certainly benefit.

This high level of automation is possible thanks to the offline programming module VPSS 3i Arbend and the Cell Manager scheduling system, Starting from a 3D model of the part to be processed, Arbend automatically programs the bending cell with just a few clicks of the mouse, while Cell Manager organises the full production autonomously.

The standard configuration includes a loading area, which allows you to load up to six stacks of different parts, a thickness detection device, to confirm the pick-up of a single piece before proceeding with the following phases, a reference table, and a customisable unloading area based on different pallet configurations. The motorised regripping unit and automatic gripper changer (AGC), which can store up to nine grippers, complete the standard package of devices. This configuration allows you to schedule any type of part without manual operator setup.

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