Amada Miyachi’s WL-300A laser workstation marks larger parts

Amada Miyachi’s WL-300A laser processing workstation is designed for nanosecond pulsed fiber laser applications.

Amada Miyachi’s WL-300A laser processing workstation, a larger version of the LMWS laser marker workstation, is designed for nanosecond pulsed fiber laser applications. The workstation is equipped with Amada Miyachi’s LMF fiber lasers (10 to 70W).

The machine features a fast and precise motorised Z-axis for focus adjustment, easy access to parts and tooling, and an optional XY table for step and repeat motion, the company says. Lens options include F-Theta 100mm, 160mm, 254mm, and 420mm for marking a variety of parts. An optional compact motorised rotary axis enables easier marking and welding on cylindrical parts. The M6 threaded-hole pattern mounting base plate eases fixturing. An extraction port with flexible tubing extracts harmful fumes created during the laser process.

The WL-300A can handle a variety of mark types, including line art graphics, shaded graphics, TrueType fonts, single-point or drill object arrays, data matrix or QR codes and MS AutoDate, MS TextMerge, serialisation and barcode marks. Though primarily designed for laser marking and engraving applications, the laser source can also be used to weld and cut thin metals ranging to 0.250 micron thick.

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