Amada launches AMTES (Autonomous Mobile Transport Engineering System)

Amada launched its AMTES (Autonomous Mobile Transport Engineering System) at FABTECH that was held last year in the USA.

The AMTES (Autonomous Mobile Transport Engineering System) is used for fully automated blank-to-bend processing and tracking. Company officials showcased the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) concept, dubbed the Autonomous Mobile Transport Engineering System (AMTES). A demonstration cell at the booth showed an AMR transporting parts from cutting to bending and operations downstream.

“The AMTES will take this material to wherever it needs to go. In our setup here, it’s taking parts to a bending robot, but it can go anywhere. It could go to painting, welding, another press brake, or a buffer area near assembly,” said a company spokesperson. He added the AMR system communicates continually with other machines and systems on the floor, to ensure it arrives at the right place at the right time and moves the correct parts to where they need to go.

After the parts are formed, the AMTES moves them to a buffer station. The AMTES utilises lidar technology to automatically transfer parts from blanking to the next process without operator intervention.

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