Amada EG-4010 press brake uses two servomotors

The bending machine EG-4010 completes the AMADA portfolio as the first ergonomic servo-electric press brake with the unique AMADA DSP system and sets standards in speed, comfort, reduced electrical consumption and intuitive programming. With 40 ton and a 1 050mm table length, it works perfectly for the production of small and precise parts.

Furthermore, Amada’s Bi-J mechanical angle measurement system provides the highest quality on any material and thickness. In response to the risen demand for ergonomical machines, the EG-4010 comes with an ergonomic operator chair, front table, pendant arm and foot rest, all adjustable for highest operator comfort.

The EG-4010 from Amada is a compact press brake for producing small sheet metal components that require a high degree of precision. It features a high-speed Dual Servo Power drive system. Two AC servomotors allow the machine to reach high approach, bending, and return speeds that yield fast part cycle times, the company reports.

The machine uses the AMNC 3i control, which is equipped with a large touchscreen and graphical interface to help simplify operation. The multi-axis back-gauge with L-Shift functionality helps speed setup for complex parts while ensuring repeatable accuracy, according to the manufacturer.

Industry 4.0 equipped
Fitted with the AMNC 3i control, it is easily programmed externally to maximise part output. Coupled with a barcode programme, 3D visualisation and tool navigator, ease of use is ensured and it is Industry 4.0 equipped.

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