Albrecht’s clamping sleeve Coolant 2.0 – the perfect flushing for your workpiece

The new Coolant 2.0 clamping sleeve from Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co. KG perfects the cooling of the machining process. With this improved cooling, the user achieves up to 60% more tool life and metal removal rate. This is because the cooling lubricant bundling via additional channels and the design optimised for the tool shank generate a speed-resistant cooling effect and reduction of the spray effect. This ensures effective cooling even at high speeds thanks to the Coolant 2.0 adapter sleeve.

With additional channels for peripheral cooling directly on the tool shank, the Albrecht Coolant 2.0 clamping sleeve achieves up to 60% longer tool life and metal removal rates

The forces acting during machining of high-strength materials often have a negative effect on the position of the cutter in the chuck. Even high clamping forces cannot prevent the tool from being pulled out in the various types of chucks. Many therefore use tools and holders with a lateral clamping surface/clamping screw for their application process and accept their lack of accuracy and process reliability. A very simple but highly effective solution is offered by the Albrecht company for its APC and Ultra precision chucks. In the case of extreme cutting forces, a radial locking pin in the Weldon clamping surface ensures that the milling cutter or drill cannot pull out or twist during machining. It uses only the Weldon clamping surface of the milling cutter for this purpose. Adjustments of the milling cutter to the pull-out protection are not necessary. Distinctive components of this solution are a clamping sleeve with radial bore and a cylindrical locking pin. The application is extremely simple: Insert the cutter into the clamping sleeve, insert the pin into the radial bore, screw the cutter and clamping sleeve into the chuck and clamp. The pin now secures the position of the cutter via the clamping surface.

Albrecht-Coolant 2.0: Ø10 with 8000rpm at 70 bar coolant pressure

The usual positive properties of the chucks such as clamping force, damping, concentricity and application flexibility are retained, in addition, the pull-out of the cutter is prevented thanks to this positive connection and, in combination with the Coolant 2.0 clamping sleeve, optimum flushing is guaranteed. This is supported by the unique clamping system from Albrecht Präzision GmbH und Co. KG, which generates three tons of tractive force thanks to its 1:16 worm gear and, thanks to the mechanics, 100% clamping force always arrives at the milling cutter.

Peter Killian and Chris Killian, both of Hi-Tech Machine Tools with Martin Schmideder and Marco Requardt, both of Albrecht on the Albrecht stand at the recent EMO Hannover 2023 exhibition

An impressive test shows how effective the Albrecht ULTRA high-performance chuck is: On a machining center with a power of 156-kilowatts, a metal removal rate of 13.5 litres per minute was achieved on a component made of aluminium. The unique clamping gear of the APC and ULTRA precision chucks, in combination with the Pin-Lock pull-out protection and the improved Coolant 2.0 cooling system, represents a solution that is second to none.

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