Albrecht Präzision appoint Hi-Tech Machine Tools as their distributor

German precision chuck manufacturer Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co. KG has announced a partnership with Hi-Tech Machine Tools as the new exclusive distributor for the sales and service of Albrecht Präzision products in South Africa.

Family-owned Albrecht Präzision was established in Esslingen, Germany in 1908 as a small precision mechanics workshop, under the name of Josef Albrecht Bohrfutterfabrik. Now based in Wernau (Neckar), in Southwest Germany, the company manufactures approximately 41 000 chucks and drill chucks each year. Around 55 per cent of these products are supplied to customers in Germany.

Albrecht Präzision’s DIN A5 drill chucks

“Back in 1917 when the company moved into its first manufacturing facility in Esslingen near Stuttgart, Albrecht Präzision was already beginning to be recognised worldwide for its product that had a profound influence in metal processing in the area of drilling and milling,” said Martin Schmideder, the current Managing Director and shareholder of Albrecht Präzision, who has been in this position for the last 14 years.

“This reputation was enhanced in 1932 when Albrecht Präzision developed the first keyless drill chucks. These keyless chucks were designed to grip tighter the harder they’re used, with the jaws maintaining position parallel to the centerline, providing uniform gripping force. In other words, the mill/drill chucks are designed to improve rigidity, vibration dampening, concentricity, machining speed and tool life compared to conventional chucks for milling and drilling,” explained Schmideder.

“The company has continued to be innovative in its product development and this is highlighted even more these days because the demands on accuracy of the components that need to be machined are very high. Additionally, the calls for significantly higher holding powers of our products, service life, and for tools to be used in hard-to-reach areas, especially with 5-axis applications, has characterised the standards that we have set ourselves to continuously develop new products, specifically designed to maximise machine tool performance,” continued Schmideder.

“Albrecht Präzision has had a presence in South Africa since the early 1980s with numerous machines being tooled up with our products.”

Albrecht Präzision’s new Slim5 chuck

“We are pleased to announce that we have appointed Hi-Tech Machine Tools as our new distributor in South Africa. The company has had many occasions where they have chosen to use Albrecht Präzision product when installing machines at clients. It is a natural progression to engage with Peter and Christopher Killian and Hi-Tech Machine Tools, who are so familiar with our products.”

“Whoever invents a technical product and then concentrates on improving it for more than 80 years will be able offer you the best possible technical standard of that product. An Albrecht Präzision chuck will adhere to this,” said Hi-Tech Machine Tools MD Peter Killian.

“We have always offered CNC metalworking machines, whether they are machining centers or milling machines, that will perform with the highest precision and accuracy. But if you want your machine to perform at its optimum ability you need to equip it with an Albrecht Präzision chuck or drill chuck. In fact, I will go even further and say that a machine equipped with an Albrecht Präzision chuck or drill chuck will unlock the potential that you never thought you could achieve with the machine,” continued Killian.

“Additionally, we have been using the Albrecht Präzision products on our demo machines and we can certainly say with authority through our practical experience that the Albrecht Präzision products enhance the performance of the machine in terms of power and stability,” said Christopher Killian.

Albrecht Präzision’s APC chuck

“The Albrecht Präzision products can be used on any OEM make of CNC machine, whether fully automatic or semi-automatic, and are manufactured according to the relevant DIN, JIS, BT and ISO specifications. An Albrecht Präzision product has to pass 28 inspection stations before it is released to the end user. This makes a difference,” explained Christopher Killian.

“Their products include the APC precision milling chuck, which includes the patented Pin-Lock System, the AMC micro chuck extensions, medical chucks, the AKL CNC drill chucks and the SBF keyless drill chucks,” continued Christopher Killian.

“We will be carrying stock of the products and any end-user or onward seller interested in enhancing the performance of the CNC machines they are associated with will be able to obtain the products directly from Hi-Tech Machine Tools,” concluded Peter Killian.

For further details contact Hi-Tech Machine Tools on TEL: 011 608 0088 or visit or