Adding Logiq to the Iscar range

The range is an extension of its IQ concept, the new Logiq range offers an array of machining solutions for applications in parting off, turning, milling and drilling.

Iscar has introduced a new range of cutting tools designed to make the most out of manufacturing advances promised by the fourth industrial revolution. This new ‘Chess Line’ series of cutting tools is intended to be fit for the coming era of Industry 4.0 and the smart factory. At its Logiq product launch held recently to an audience of over 600 distributors, customers and Iscar personnel, Jacob Harpaz, Iscar’s CEO, spelled out how the digital domain will impact manufacturing and how Iscar’s new range of cutting tools will have an on productivity and costs.

“Developments such as electric vehicles and powertrains in large volumes, additive manufacturing and cyber connectivity will mean significant changes in the style of machining and the materials being used. Workpieces will be produced more commonly at near net shapes for final machining and finishing,” said Harpaz.

“By 2030 there will be big changes in the automotive sector, for example. The major OEMs are moving away from the internal combustion engine, which will mean much less metal removal will be required. There will be wider use of composite materials and the introduction of 3D printing will also mean less metal removal. At Iscar we are preparing for these changes. Cutting tools will have to adapt to remove less metal but at much faster speeds and feeds,” explained Harpaz.

“The cutting tool can have a huge impact on productivity. Not every company can buy the latest machine tools but changing to our cutters means the tools can run at very high speeds with a minimum of downtime. Iscar’s new tools will enable machinists to perform metal cutting at a rate similar to that found in the woodworking industry,” said Harpaz.

“Industry 4.0’s impact will not just come through sophisticated new technology such as sensors, process monitoring and acquiring machining data, but in the integration of factories and the supply and distribution of consumables used in manufacturing and products leaving the factory,” according to Harpaz.

“Look at the impact that a company like Amazon has had on sales and marketing. We are moving into an era of e-commerce and distribution and inventories with vending machines. In the US, the large majority of our cutting tool sales come through our vending machine systems. Industry 4.0 is not just about cutting process data, tool monitoring and sensors – it’s also about the most efficient supply and distribution.”

“When it comes to innovation, Iscar has a long legacy of not standing still. 40% of its tools in its product lines are less than five years old. The new Logiq range reflects the company’s comprehensive portfolio of cutting tools made from numerous carbide grades, along with the cubic boron nitride (CBN), polycrystalline diamond, cermet and ceramic tools.”

“The application of Logiq has allowed the development and launch of multiple new cutting-tool families, as well as existing tooling ranges to be further upgraded. New Logiq introductions include new cutting geometries and robust locking mechanisms that are said to guarantee stable, vibration-free machining with repeatability. The innovations have been designed to assist users in maximising equipment utilisation and optimising performance.”

Iscar’s Logiq indexable inserts are equipped with the latest chip formers and geometries that enable soft cuts to be achieved at high feed rates, says the company. Furthermore, Logiq solid-carbide tools have been developed with inventive designs that feature substantially increased anti-vibration characteristics, while the latest cemented carbide grades are said to reflect the company’s forward-looking philosophy and know-how in powder metallurgy and coating technologies. The Logiq tool-holding line includes heat-shrink and vibration-dampening devices that have been designed to improve performance in areas where tool rigidity is a critical parameter.

Logiq turning applications offer a range of new Iscar solutions that enable a decrease in machining loads and the production of thinner and wider chips. Iscar’s Logiq developments also help to resolve vibration issues and improve coolant flow capabilities. Last but not least, drilling tool concepts delivered by Logiq enable significant productivity gains, high-accuracy capabilities and repeatability, claims Iscar.

There are four main product areas in the new Logiq range reflecting tools designed for different applications: LogiqGrip, LogiqTurn, LogiqMill and LogiqDrill.

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Over 600 delegates attended the launch of Iscar’s new Logiq range of cutting tools. One lucky delegate – Morne Steenkamp – walked away with a trailer. He is seen with Franco Jacobs of Iscar SA, Jacob Harpaz, the IMC Group and Iscar’s CEO and Gavin Adams

Delegates that attended the all day seminar included Alroy Savides of PBS Machine Tools, Vaughn Hanwith Horden of F&H Machine Tools, Daniel Jeronimo of Archie Engineering with Paul Savides and Klaas Salomons, both of PBS Machine Tools

Wayne Webb of Metrotool, Matthew Mayhew of Matthew & Son, Chris Killian of Hi-Tech Machine Tools and Daniel Haas of Metrotool

Jundre Potgieter of Stucmac, Savon Maroun of Mikor, Jacque Prinsloo of Software Development with Kevin Redpath and Ronald Behr, both of Steel Services