3D print head adapter for CNC machines

The spindle-powered wireless 3D Print Head from Hurco enables shops with no solid modeling experience to transform their WinMax part programmes into a 3D printed rapid prototype directly on their CNC machine.

Owners of vertical machining centers from Hurco will have the ability to transform their WinMax part programmes into a 3D printed rapid prototype directly on their CNC machine by using an optional spindle-powered wireless accessory that Hurco has unveiled. The 3D Print Head extrudes plastic PLA filament. “Our new 3D Print Head takes commercial desktop 3D printing technology to the next level, allowing users to take full advantage of the size of the machining center. The portable accessory is powered and controlled by spindle rotation, so there are no wires to install, and it can easily be moved to other machining centers from us that are within a shop,” said Greg Volovic, the president of Hurco.


Hurco CNC machines that can have 3D-printing adapters

“We’ve designed this product to make it easy for shops that have no solid modeling experience. Our WinMax programming environment is the most versatile on the market today, with powerful conversational programming that is known for its user-friendly and intuitive user interface and the control’s support of standard M&G code programming. With this release, we’ve added support for additive manufacturing to the control,” noted Volovic. “The control’s WinMax software gives users powerful graphics tools to develop even the most complex 3D shapes quickly and efficiently with conversational programming. Once you programme the part, simply select the WinMax 3D Print button to start the build process on the CNC machine. Alternately, you can send the model to a commercial 3D printer,” said Fred Gross, the engineering manager at Hurco.

“So many of our customers are true innovators and I know this product is going to accelerate their prototyping process. They will be able to turn their ideas into reality quickly and efficiently without ever making a chip,” said Volovic. To download a free trial of WinMax with 3D Print, go to Hurco.com.

For further details contact Hurco South Africa on TEL: 011 849 5600 or visit www.HURCO.com