12kW power added to Amada Ensis fiber laser cutting machines

Amada has released its latest high-power fiber laser cutting machine, the Ensis-AJ 12kW, which adds to the currently available 3kW, 6kW and 9kW versions.

The Ensis fiber lasers are aimed at any manufacturer needing fast piercing and cutting across a wide range of materials. The new 12kW Ensis incorporates all the features of the 6 and 9kW versions, such as Amada’s original Variable Beam Control and Auto Collimation technologies, as well as the in-house designed and developed fiber laser engine.

For the 12kW version, 3 x 4kW diode modules, the highest power, single module yet produced by Amada, are utilised to ensure a very high beam quality is maintained for faster cutting speeds. It also opens new avenues for thicker mild steel processing with nitrogen, up to 15mm. The new ECO WACS system for thick mild steel processing with oxygen further enhances the overall package.

The new 12kW Amada Ensis-AJ fiber laser has been specifically developed to enhance the already high performances of the existing 3kW to 9kW versions that are currently available.

The 3kW version was already able to process 25mm mild steel. The 12kW simply takes this to a new level with the addition of the new ECO WACS function. WACS (Water Assisted Cutting System) has been standard on the fully featured Ensis-AJ fiber lasers since the original launch in 2014 and allows very high-quality oxygen processing of thick mild steel.

ECO Cut was used for lower thickness oxygen processing (10mm to 15mm), for speed increases and running cost reductions. Now, ECO WACS combines both these features to allow very thick mild steel processing with an extremely high edge quality and improved bevel angle, whilst maintaining fast cutting and piercing capabilities.

Higher power also brings the advantage of processing thicker mild steel with nitrogen to give an oxide free cutting edge. The 12kW Ensis-AJ can now process up to 15mm mild steel with nitrogen and utilises Amada’s Clean Fast Cut (CFC) process to increase cutting speeds and reduce gas consumption by up to 70% compared with standard nitrogen processing. This opens new opportunities for customers in the construction, agricultural and yellow goods markets. These significantly higher cutting speeds compared to oxygen result in quicker deliveries for the end user.

Central to the advanced capability of Ensis-AJ fiber lasers is Amada’s Variable Beam Control technology, whereby the laser beam mode is automatically adapted to deliver stable cutting across all material types and thicknesses. Variable Beam Control can also change instantly between a high-power density beam for piercing and a high-speed, high-quality beam for cutting, thus reducing cycle time. Regards set-up times, only a single lens is required to process thin-to-thick materials, helping to maximise machine uptime and eliminate costly operator errors.

Amada’s Auto Collimation technology is a further stand-out feature of the higher power Ensis fiber lasers as it delivers unrivalled beam diameter and focus-point control for the highest cutting speeds and surface quality, reducing the need for secondary finishing operations. Auto Collimation also produces a wider cut kerf on thicker materials, making for easier part removal from the sheet to reduce handling time.

“By combining Amada’s well proven Variable Beam Control technology, which we have used since 2014, our Auto Collimation technology and 12kW of power, the latest high-power Ensis model gives new and existing customers a significant advantage in a competitive market,” said Matt Wood, senior product manager at Amada Europe. “In fact, 25mm mild steel can be pierced in as little as 1 second on the 12kW version, saving significant processing time.”

Ease-of-use is facilitated by AMADA’s intuitive AMNC 3i controller, while reliable production is assured thanks to functionality such as the 16-station automatic nozzle changer.

The ASF-EU / ASLUL tower systems will automatically load and unload sheets, offering a very fast sheet changeover time of less than 90 seconds (for the ASF-EU). Also available is the TK EU part-picking system for the automatic collection, sorting and stacking of laser-cut parts without interrupting the machine. The 2nd Output Station allows operators to unload parts and skeletons from three sides of the cutting pallet as well as introducing a 3rd cutting pallet into the system for even greater flexibility and productivity.

For further details contact Amada JHB South Africa on TEL: 011 453 5459 or www.amada.com