Zuse Holding GmbH acquires Hüller Hille

German company Zuse Holding GmbH has acquired the Hüller Hille assets of FFG Werke GmbH, including the Diedesheim plant, Hüller Hille brand and products.

The new company Zuse Hüller Hille Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH is to relocate to Mosbach, Germany, where the Diedesheim plant is located, and will establish its first development and manufacturing centre in Europe there. Diedesheim’s plant, its 185 employees, 15 apprentices and infrastructure will be retained. Additionally, Zuse has offered permanent contracts of employment for all trainees graduating this year.

Hüller Hille has been active for 70 years, becoming a specialist for 4 and 5-axis machining centres. These machine tools allow for flexible automation, high precision and high quality production for various batch sizes. Since 2013, Hüller Hille had been part of the Taiwanese Fair Friend Group.

Zuse Holding GmbH manufacture their own machines

Zuse boasts a proprietary machine series, partners and a broad range of process engineering services and consultancy. Hüller Hille technology fits perfectly into the Zuse portfolio, as well as that of its partners and brands – among them KIWA Japan, Kovosvit MAS and AIO Robotics.

The takeover does not affect customers. The current sales and service processes will be maintained. Apart from the established presence in the automotive business, the focus will now be additionally on the aerospace, medical and energy sectors.

Zuse and FFG have agreed on an extensive sales and service cooperation, building on their respective strengths in the global markets.

The new look Zuse Hüller Hille machining center

Says Ralph Christnacht, CEO and founder of Zuse: “The acquisition of Hüller Hille and relocating our headquarters to Diedesheim is an investment in our future in the German market. The specialists at Hüller Hille provide a boost in technology competence for us.”

Luigi Maniglio, COO at FFG Europe & Americas, adds: “We were looking for the best owner for Hüller Hille in the context of realigning our portfolio and footprint. Zuse has the right approach and structure to develop the brand. Moreover, we are glad to establish a close global cooperation, which will be beneficial for both sides in various aspects.”