Yaskawa innovation. Motoman ArcWorld V3: Patented turnkey, robot based portable arc welding cell

Save time, production and labour costs.

With the new ArcWorld V3, Yaskawa adds a further chapter to the successful track record of its ArcWorld robot based arc welding cell. The model features a small footprint, short delivery times and a high degree of flexibility. Additionally, the robot, positioner, controller and energy source are combined on one platform. If necessary, the robot cell can be relocated quickly and easily. In addition, the new model has two light, ergonomic workstations for the operator, at which the required materials are always close at hand.

Installation is a plug-and-play procedure
The new compact cell enables a cost-effective and straightforward introduction to robot based welding. For example the standard version of the Motoman ArcWorld V3 can combine a 6-axis Motoman MA1440 welding robot with a 2-station positioner and a 500 kg payload per station. The ArcWorld can be easily integrated into various production processes and is ideal for welding small and medium-sized components. Workpieces can also be loaded and unloaded with an indoor overhead crane, if required.

Relocation practicality
The Motoman ArcWorld V3 is equipped with wheels to enable flexibility in moving your station/s to different areas of your production department at your convenience, quickly and easily. Furthermore, provision is made for a forklift to do the relocation, something that is often required in a modern production environment.

One cell – many possibilities
Thanks to a wide selection of optional features, the ArcWorld V3 can be adapted to the respective production requirements. For example, welding equipment for MIG/MAG welding, a media supply of signal, air and power lines for the positioner or an HMI control panel are available.

Twin robots or a fixed positioning table can also be installed as an option without an increase in setup surface. The Arc World V3 can also be combined with the proven welding power sources of leading manufacturers and with Yaskawa’s own Motoweld-RL350 inverter welding power source.

Radial door system
Last but not least, the Motoman ArcWorld V3 is now designed with a radial door system to allow greater flexibility in loading and offloading, while at the same time protecting the operator. One door is positioned so that the operator can load/offload one positioning table while the Yaskawa Motorman completes the required operation.

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