World’s first indexable drill with double sided inserts – Tungaloy

Tungaloy has developed the TungSix-Drill, an indexable drill with double sided inserts with six cutting edges per insert.

To enhance stability and longer tool life for the end user, the Tungaloy Corporation has developed the new TungSix-Drill for highly reliable machining credit to the strongest cutting edge. This world’s first indexable drill with double sided inserts has been designed to create an economical drilling solution for customers with 6 true cutting edges per insert that doesn’t compromise performance.

By adapting an obtuse angle relief on the corner part of central-edge side, insert increases strength and improves fracture resistance. The newly designed insert also has an optimal spacing between edges on the same side to eliminate the overlapping of damaged edges that can destabilise tool life. Complemented by a positive land geometry, the TungSix-Drill reduces the cutting forces to levels comparable with the competitor indexable drills.


Additionally, the new drill utilises Tungaloy’s DJ type chipbreaker that has a thick width and gentle curve on the central-edge side to prevent chip packing, while the high rake angle and breaker on the peripheral-edge side ensures remarkably low cutting forces and excellent chip control.

With a diameter range from 20 to 54mm in 1mm increments, the TungSix-Drill is the ideal tool for drilling a wide variety of materials with a diverse selection of applications. The new drill increases tool life by 1.5 times compared to inserts with four cutting edges while delivering comparable speed and feed rates. The new drill design consists of a central and peripheral insert that are interchangeable. This innovative concept ensures the end user only has to manage one insert type to simplify inventory.


Despite utilising a double sided insert, the TungSix-Drill reduces cutting forces drastically and its unique geometry design gives each cutting edge unparalleled strength. With an optimised cutting balance between the central and peripheral cutting edges, and combining this with twisted oil holes and Tungaloy’s revolutionary new AH9030 grade, the new TungSix-Drill is the ideal solution for steel, stainless steel and cast iron drilling.

To deliver outstanding tool life, the TungSix-Drill adopts the revolutionary AH9030 grade that has a PVD coating that guarantees excellent wear and oxidation resistance. With Tungaloy’s exclusive special surface technology “PremiumTec”, chip adhesion is drastically reduced to promote smooth chip flow.

The exciting new drill is available for machining at a length to diameter ratio of 2, 3 and 4D with shank diameters of 25, 32 or 40mm, and an overall length from 145 to 233mm for the L/D 2 and 173 to 287mm for the L/D 3 drills, and 155mm to 327mm for the L/D 4. Capable of machining carbon steels, low alloy steels, alloy steels, stainless steel, grey and ductile cast iron at high speed and feed rates, the TungSix-Drill is the economical, high performance drill of choice. To further improve productivity, the new drill is compatible with Tungaloy’s TDXCF series of chamfer rings.

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