Widia’s Victory VSM490-10 and VSM490-15 series productivity booster in true 90° shoulder milling

The ultimate shoulder milling solution for step-down applications has now been launched by Widia. The new VSM490 Series of Widia indexable insert cutting tools eliminates finishing operations and improves productivity when machining a wide variety of materials.

From an economical perspective, the new VSM490 Series of double sided 90-degree inserts offer four cutting edges to reduce cost per insert and improve economy for the end user. This latest addition to the Widia Victory Shoulder Mill (VSM) range is extremely versatile with a complete line of insert grades that accommodate highly productive machining of cast iron, stainless steel, steel, aluminium, titanium and a host of challenging aluminium alloy materials.

Suitable for operations from roughing through to finish machining, this versatility is permitted by a high-positive geometry and comprehensive line of insert grades that drastically reduce cutting forces compared to alternate product lines. The flexibility of the new VSM490 Series is heightened with the availability of both 10mm and 15mm inserts and a complete line-up of tool holders.

The 10mm screw-on end mills are available with 16 to 32mm Weldon, cylindrical and shell type end mill tool holders, 40 to 125mm shell mills, JIS shell mills from 80 to 125mm and the largest and extremely robust M4000 cartridge milling system from 125 to 315mm. Alongside the 10mm insert line is the 15mm designation. The 15mm inserts are available with screw-on and cylindrical end mills from 25 to 35mm, 25 to 40mm Weldon end mills, 40 to 160mm shell mills with JIS shell mills from 80 to 160mm and the high material removal M4000 cartridge milling system from 125 to 315mm. Each of the tool holders in the VSM490 Series is provided with a selection of insert seats for economical and high performance cutting.

This comprehensive line-up of tool holders is complemented by four insert geometries. The four grades include the ALP geometry for finishing and low powered machine tools cutting non-ferrous materials and the ML geometry, which is the first choice grade for stainless steel and light machining and finishing operations on a variety of materials. For more robust applications, the MM incorporates a high strength geometry more suitable for general purpose use whereas the extremely robust MH grade is the first choice for high-performance roughing on cast iron. This is credit to an edge protecting geometry and additional margins that enable the MH to excel under high metal removal rate applications.

The variety of insert designations and tool holder options now offers Widia customers with the complete high performance milling line. The VSM490 gives customers a full slotting solution with 100 per cent radial engagement, shoulder milling with step-down capabilities that provide low or high engagement as well as low or high radial engagement. Furthermore, the extraordinary VSM490 can be applied to contour milling, Z-axis plunge milling, trochoidal slot milling and HPC face milling.

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