Widia’s new disc-style carbide-tipped reamer offers modular flexibility and top of the line performance

Widia’s Top Ream platform covers the majority of hole finishing needs, with diameters up to 42mm and a range of edge preps and geometries available. The three keys to hole quality are diametral accuracy, form and position, and surface finish. Boring tools are the undisputed king in all of these areas, but they’re also one of the slowest methods of hole finishing, and in most cases are limited to 10:1 depth to diameter ratios or less.

Instead of four to eight (or more) individually brazed carbide tips, Top Ream uses a single carbide disc and brazed joint, providing a strong connection that is virtually immune to thermal effects during machining operations.

The Top Ream platform offers best in class carbide as well. Widia’s WU05PR advanced reaming grade was developed specifically for the demanding tool wear and surface finish requirements encountered in most hole reaming operations. For example, tests performed over a total cut distance 30 metres in length showed an ability to consistently maintain surface finishes of 32 μin Ra (0.8 μm) in 4140 steel alloy and 64 μin Ra (1.6 μm) in gray cast iron, three times that of TiAlN-coated tools.

The Top Ream covers hole diameters up to 42mm, with the TRF shank-style starting at 14mm and the TRM modular tool from 20mm and up.

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