Victor CNC introduces new 5-axis machining centre

As a machine tool builder with a reputation for uncompromising build quality and longevity, Victor CNC has now extended its impressive line of machine tools with the introduction of the new VCentre-AX800 vertical machining centre. Taking flexibility to a new level, the new AX800 incorporates a swivelling head B-axis and a C-axis rotary table to fully facilitate 5-axis machining of large parts up to 1m diameter.

The new VCentre-AX800 has rigidity and precision built into every aspect of the 5-axis offering. This is characterised by the C-axis table with its spacious 800mm diameter that is clamped at high torque (3433Nm) for heavy cutting – ideal for heavy duty machining without compromise. In addition, the B-axis swivel head includes a hirth coupling with 1° increment that further enhances the rigidity to deliver 4 + 1 axis machining capability.


Incorporating a rotary table that is built into the fixed table, this innovative Vcentre-AX800 is equipped with a swivel head on the travelling column to implement 5-axis machining on large parts. Furthermore, with a Rollercam-drive® mechanism for both rotary axes; the AX800 ensures sufficient rigidity for 4+1 axis heavy machining with high rotation compared to less robust conventional worm gear mechanism machines. This combination ensures maximum rigidity that eliminates vibration when conducting particularly heavy cutting on difficult materials.

The robust new machine has a BBT-40 taper spindle that is fed by a 40 tool ATC that has a twin arm type ATC. This tooling configuration performs quick and reliable tool changeovers beyond most machine tools, and a 60 tool magazine is also available as an optional extra. The new AX800 has a 15,000rpm spindle that delivers a power output of 22kW for conducting heavy machining processes to optimise material removal rates. To support heavy machining, the AX800 has large diameter ball screws coupled with the servo motor to maximise rigidity and performance levels. What’s more, the roller gear mechanism minimises the backlash and guarantees high accuracy at an arbitrary angle.

With regard to flexibility, the new AX800 provides a whole host of options that include 8+1 hydraulic/pneumatic ports to direct the power through C-axis and pallet for multiple point clamping and air sealing detection to assure clamping forces are maintained. In addition, the VCentre provides the option of a chip conveyor, through spindle coolant, linear scales/angular encoders, auto tool length measurement, auto part measurement, and also a selection of control units that include the Fanuc 0i, 32i and the 31i control, or the Heidenhain TNC620 and 640 control units.

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