Vero Software’s Edgecam 2018 R1 release

Vero Software’s Edgecam 2018 R1 release includes updates that are designed to prevent unnecessary CAM regeneration and save time on roughing cycles for milling, turning and MTM.

This version of the software does not automatically regenerate the remaining instructions when a user makes an edit to an existing command. When editing a tool command, it no longer regenerates if the alteration does not affect the corresponding cycles with aspects such as coolant or high speed.

New functionalities in the roughing cycle provide time savings for milling, turning and MTM. Detect Undercut Stock analyses previously undetected areas of stock and helps to avoid “fresh-air” cutting, reducing machining time by as much as half, according to the company.

Deep hole drill cycle

Rough turn cycle collision check

Editing manual milling feature

The Waveform roughing strategy enables users to determine radius size when using the helical approach option by entering maximum and minimum values, which aids the tool’s entry into the component.

The rough turning cycle now includes automatic collision detection. Users no longer need to manually apply profile extensions to avoid collisions, thereby saving time when creating initial CAM instructions. This function can also be used to produce safer tool paths in Strategy Manager.

This release provides support for deep-hole drilling and gundrilling. Users control entry, exit and intermediate drilling conditions, which is helpful when using specialised gundrilling tools that require precise NC code.

The profiling cycle used in both milling and turning now includes a Spring Cuts field, which can remove tool deflection and improve accuracy and surface finish by adding extra neutral passes when machining hard materials. The Adjust Feedrate on Arc command improves cycle time calculation.

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