Universal five-sided machining of large-volume moulds – Kao Ming

According to Kao Ming, the new KMC SR-H model range is characterised by a high degree of automation and a robust basic structure. The machine enables the universal five-sided machining of large-volume moulds, tools and machine components in one clamping.

The KMC SR-H series features a vertical spindle as well as an automatically interchangeable 90°-angle milling head. Various milling heads are available for expanding the possible applications, for example an extended vertical milling head for deep dipping into the workpiece or the 30° milling head for die and mold construction.

With a wide range of accessories and equipment, the Kao Ming KMC SR-H range allows a precise machine configuration

According to the manufacturers, all axes have generously dimensioned, hardened and ground flat guides for maximum stability and rigidity and optimal precision during machining. Large-diameter preloaded ball screws are used in all axes. The ball screw spindle of the table drive has an internal oil cooler, which keeps the spindle in a constant temperature range even during continuous operations.

The spindle ball bearings are additionally air-cooled for an optimised positioning accuracy. Integrally cast bearing seats in the Y and Z-axis provide enhanced rigidity. Additionally, there is a wide range of accessories and equipment to allow a precise machine configuration. These options include an internal coolant supply, measuring sensors, CNC round tables or flexibly extendable tool magazines.

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