Tungsten carbide burrs from ATA Group

At a glance, burrs may seem simple and easy to manufacture, but in fact the procedure is actually very complex and intricate. Everything is specified, checked and tested, from the RA value of the shaft to the exact degree of the chamfur before braising. Burr “blanks” are manufactured in thousands of different shapes and sizes and are cut with varying helix angles, depending on the application.


The ATA Group has three factories worldwide where they produce and manufacture burrs, abrasives and pneumatic tools. Ben Davies, W.I.D. Technical Sales Representative at Bulldog Abrasives (the sole distributor of Garryson burrs, abrasives and routers in Sub-Saharan Africa) recently visited the ATA Group’s premises in Cavan, Southern Ireland. Their other two factories are located in Ibstock, England and Cleveland, Ohio.

“I was privileged enough to go through the whole burr manufacturing process at the Cavan factory,” said Davies.

“ATA is committed to being the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality tungsten carbide burrs in the world. Through continuous development of new and innovative products and services, using state-of-the-art technology and skilled, motivated people, they strive to provide the customer with cost-effective solutions and the support needed to increase their competitive advantage.”


“The cut type of burrs, range from a fine finish single cut to the specialised coatings and very aggressive “alu-cut”. ATA has the largest range of standard and special made burr shapes in the world, with the ability to manufacture over 7500 different types of burrs,” explained Davies.

“The burr blanks are braised onto the shanks in two ways. ATA does both! Gas braising is where the work piece moves through three stations which heat up to approximately 700°C before getting braised together. The other way is induction braising, where the burr blank is heated to the same temperature by a coil in a few seconds before being braised by the shaft.”


“For over 50 years, they have advised and served customers operating in all major industry sectors including aerospace, automotive, oil and gas markets, shipbuilding and metal fabrication.”

“From the various flute configurations to the specialised cuts and coatings – ATA Garryson is an extremely professional organisation, which produces only the highest quality products and tools distributed worldwide.”

“The ATA Group operates in all major global markets, in over 60 countries and with a network of over 1400 distributors. They are the only precision engineering company in the world to provide both tools and consumables for a variety of deburring, material removal and finishing needs, across any material and any application.”

For further details contact Bulldog Abrasives on 011 786 5991 or visit www.bulldogabrasives.co.za