Tungaloy to debut new product line in a series of seminars

Product launch from 15 to 18 August 2016 features 1 050 new products for milling, drilling and turning.

Manufacturers and machine shops from South Africa, as well tooling distributors, will be able to view Tungaloy’s launch of TunGForce, a new line of tooling. Star Tooling, Tungaloy’s representative and distributor in South Africa, will host the launch, the first of its kind and size for Tungaloy in South Africa.

“We will be presenting innovative solutions to today’s cutting tool problems over a series of seminars and live demonstrations to be held at Star Tooling’s offices from 15 to 18 August 2016. Tungaloy generate a significant percentage of sales from new and innovative products. And that’s because of the focus on research and development. New products less than five years old represent 40 per cent of Tungaloy’s revenue,” said Chris Schmidt, MD of Star Tooling.

“Accelerated machining”
The trend towards “non-stop 24-hour continuous cutting” requires high productivity tools. And to operate in such an environment means “accelerating machining” at the cost of tool life.
These are the words of Jacob Harpaz, the charismatic and high-energy president and CEO of Tungaloy’s parent company IMC.

“The only way to improve productivity is to improve cutting speeds and feeds, and reduce tool life.”


“While the argument may sound counter-intuitive to some, Harpaz’s point is that to achieve accelerated machining, and hence make productivity gains, it requires increasing speeds and feeds during a machining cycle, which, of course, reduces tool life. But since tooling represents only three per cent of the total operating cycle time, focusing on the cost of tooling will not improve your productivity,” explained Schmidt.

Harpaz says, “Even if we provided tooling free of charge, it will not improve your productivity. If you look at price, tool life and productivity, the one that will reduce your cost per part is productivity.”

New products
Tungaloy’s TunGForce product launch will feature a multitude of new products that will just touch the surface of the 1 050 new tooling solutions that are part of the new line. The tooling solutions include new inserts with innovative geometries, coatings and special surface post treatments for milling, drilling and turning applications.

By way of example, in the TunGForce milling family, Tungaloy’s new DoTwistBall inserts feature a unique twisted shape insert in radius and high feed geometries. The rectangular shape and twisted clamping insert seat provides anti-rotation, something difficult to achieve for radius cutters, according to the company. The inclination on the helical cutting edge forms small chips for high performance, while a raised cutting edge from the seating surface avoids chip contact with the screw head to extend screw life.

In turning, one of the new products includes the MiniForce-Turn, a double-sided insert with positive cutting edges clamped into a pocket with a dovetail structure for high insert stability. The same insert can be used for both bore and external applications.

In drilling, the DrillForceMeister drills in large diameters feature a quick indexing mechanism and unidirectional clamping of the insert. The unique corner geometry of the drill head reduces burr at exit and the overall optimised geometry results in what Tungaloy describes as “excellent chip formation and smooth chip evacuation.”

For further details about the seminar dates and times contact Star Tooling on TEL: 011 818 2250 or visit www.startooling.co.za