Tongtai Group presents new products at EMO 2017

The TTGroup will exhibit three innovative technologies.

The first one is Anger Machinlng’s 2PLUS solution that opens new possibilities for different precision workpiece machining in 5-axis in volume production. The Anger 2PLUS is a new fully automated system, which enables the customer to achieve considerably greater variability with higher efficiency. It allows for the production in chaotic workpiece sequence, with zero second conversion time and without any intervention of an operator. This solution is of interest to manufacturing companies who have to produce the undefined quantities of completely different parts with a powerful volume machine. With 2PLUS and the newly patented clamping method SmartFix, which connects the fixtures directly to the loading robot this can be done without manual retooling.

Tongtai Machine & Tool Co will exhibit the company’s first metal powder direct energy deposition and subtractive manufacturing machine, AMH-350. It is a successful collaborative product developed by Optomec and Tongtai. AMH-350 is a hybrid additive and subtractive machining equipment which fulfills 3D printing, parts repairing, laser deposition and 5-axis machining functions. These processing methods can all be satisfied in only one machine as one-stop machining center to shorten production time and decrease material cost.

PCl’s new twin spindle Meteor is the result of years of experience in the automotive industry and high level technologies, possible with fully independent 5-axis double machining. Designed following high efficiency standards of automotive applications, this new machine answers OEM’s most challenging project’s requirements.

Reliability and high dynamics are the key word to define this new machining center, coming alongside with a full new range of high-end horizontal machining centers. Gantry loaded or with automated pallet changer this new Meteor TS630V will fit a full range of applications and offer flexibility between all possible 4 and 5-axis configurations.

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