Tongtai five-axis machining centre provides torsion-resistant column

The Tongtai CT-350 VMC offers a small footprint and five-axis machining capability.

The new CT-350 five-axis vertical machining centre from Tongtai features state-of-the-art performance in a small footprint. The CT-350 boasts high-end machine construction and performance at an affordable price. The structure of the CT-350 is a “C” frame-type machine and was designed around high level mould-type machining centres to ensure rigidity during cutting. The column of the CT-350 has a wide span making it torsion-resistant while cutting a 5-axis part. Rigidity is enhanced by using 45mm roller type guide ways and pre-tensioned, large-diameter ballscrews.


The CT-350’s table size is 13.78” diameter and can handle a maximum load of 440 lbs. The integrated rotary table uses the roller gear cam in both the tilt and rotation axes. The roller gear cam design provides zero backlash, high rigidity, and fast rotation speeds. The stroke on this machine is 15.75” in X, 20.08”, in Y and 20.08” in Z. The A-axis stroke is +30° through -120°, and the C-axis stroke is 360° with rotation speeds of 40 rpm and 33 rpm, respectively. The CT-350 is truly high performance with rapid feed rates of 1,418”/minute in X and Y, and 1,182”/minute in Z. A 20HP direct-drive 15,000-rpm Big Plus 40 taper spindle with air/oil mist lubrication is standard in the CT-350, however an optional 20,000-rpm integral spindle is also available. For enhanced productivity, the standard 24-position arm type tool changer is equipped with a roller gear cam mechanism to reduce tool change time to only 2 seconds. Larger 30- and 40-tool ATCs are optional.

The CT350 is equipped with a FANUC OiM-F CNC control to perform 4+1-axis cutting. However, if 5-axis simultaneous cutting is necessary, a FANUC 31iM-B5, Siemens 840D or Heidenhain iTNC-640 can be installed.

Tongtai has several different models of 5-axis machining centres. The HTT-1250 is a large horizontal machine for aerospace applications with 50” tilt/rotary table. The GT-800 and GT-630 are gantry-type high-speed, high feed rate machines with 31.5” and 25” tilt/rotary tables, respectively. The MDV-551-5AX is a small, double-column-type machine with high-speed rotation and a 20” tilt/rotary table. The new CT-350 is Tongtai’s smaller 5-axis machining centre with a small footprint for shops that need a 5-axis machine, but do not have the floor space for a larger machine tool.

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