The Whitney 12 kW fiber laser

When you’re in the business of laser cutting thick pieces of steel to a high degree of accuracy, it’s critical that your equipment is powerful, precise, fast and reliable while being easy to maintain and operate.

The Whitney 12 kW fiber laser, is claimed by the company to be the fastest plate laser on the planet delivering superior thick plate cut quality at unbelievable cutting speeds.

The high-power laser is available in three sizes, including 1 500 by 3 000mm, 2 000mm by 4 000mm and 3 000mm by 6 000mm. It is available in power levels ranging from 2 kW to 12 kW.

Whitney PlateLASER Systems provide consistent laser cuts across the entire, large work envelopes, producing highly accurate parts with reliable precision.

The fiber lasers are equipped an IPG Fiber Laser System up to 12kW, linear drives motion system, acceleration rates of 3G in X and Y axes and 6G in the Z axis, Siemens Control, 10 second pallet exchange with a shuttle table that includes two pallets, 20 seconds spark-to-spark, and slag and small parts removal drawers.

The Whitney PlateLASER family is designed to provide users with the highest productivity and greatest versatility in lasers available today.

Whitney’s new PlateLASER Line of fiber lasers provides the optimum combination of cutting speed, new technology and simplicity to increase the profit margin of manufacturer and contract shops alike.

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