The Studer S11 with extended functionality

This will particularly please users of the new S11 – the smallest production cylindrical grinding machine in the Studer Portfolio: Now they can profit from the diverse advantages of the Studer standard grinding cycles and the grinding software for offline programming StuderGRIND. Using the software, StuderWINfocus together with Fanuc control provides the basis for a flexible scope of use, which increases customer benefit significantly.

“The customer naturally still has the opportunity to design his programme as flexibly as possible using micro functions. With the Studer standard grinding cycles, however, he has even more convenience and support with the S11,” explains Christian Josi, Project Manager at Studer. The uniform control platform guarantees programme consistency on all machines running Windows operating systems. This is regardless of whether the programme is programmed directly on the Control or is generated externally with StuderGRIND.

Extended scope of application
The conversion to the new control in the S11 provides even more advantages for users of the small, powerful production cylindrical grinding machine. Up to now, they were only able to work at grinding wheel speeds of 50 m/s (in exceptional cases max. 80 m/s). Today thanks to the combination of a Fanuc Control and StuderGRIND HSG machining is possible with CBN grinding wheels and grinding speeds of up to 140 m/s. A new high-speed spindle has been designed especially for the S11. The S11 achieves an extremely high abrasion performance in a minimum amount of space.

With the external tools from StuderGRIND and the new chuck workhead, even threads and polygons can be ground with the S11

Similarly, the S11 now also enables typical C-axis applications such as thread and form grinding. This is made possible by a new version of the workhead with C-axis function in combination with the software modules StuderThread or StuderForm. The new and reprofiling of grinding wheels thanks to an optimized clearing strategy with StuderDress and machining of longitudinal contours with StuderContour extends the scope of application of the S11.

The new HSG spindle enables cutting speeds up to 140m/s

Above and beyond this, the new S11 also features the SBS Dynamic Balance System. This combined system for contact detection by means of vibration measuring and for semi and fully automatic balancing of the grinding wheels, reduces downtime thanks to less air grinding. It also enables the process to be monitored, for example observation of grinding level noise.

Optimised accessibility and automation casing
Studer offers the S11 in two different casing designs: The existing version is specially designed for manual loading or to be combined with small handling systems. The new casing is optimised for vertical loading with a top hatch. It is perfect for inter-linked production in which the machines are loaded and unloaded via portal cranes. Both designs stand out with their excellent accessibility and ergonomic features.

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