The S121 from Studer

Smaller universal cylindrical grinder offers two-spindle turret.

The S121 from Studer, a brand of United Grinding, is a universal internal/external cylindrical grinding machine for medium-sized workpieces, particularly chuck components and drive elements, in individual and small-batch production. Equipped with the technology of its sister machines—the S131, S141 and S151—this series model has been limited to the essential equipment. The spindle turret swivels through 180 degrees to a stop and is equipped with two grinding spindles. A fixed spindle is also available. The StuderGuide guideway system for the X and Z axes ensures geometrical traverse movement and guidance accuracy through the entire speed range, together with high load capacity and cushioning levels. The guideway system combined with linear motors and direct measuring systems provides high interpolation accuracies, according to the company.


Although the S121 has the smallest space requirement in its series, it can handle larger diameters than the S131. The grinder has a swing diameter over the table of 400mm and a maximum workpiece length of 300mm, with a maximum grinding length of 175mm for internal and 100mm for external diameters.

The machine can be equipped with a fixed spindle or a spindle turret with two spindles. When using a spindle turret, the turret swivels hydraulically 180 degrees to a stop, and one spindle can be fitted with an external grinding wheel. Additionally, a workhead with manual cylindricity correction is adjustably mounted on the workpiece table, and a high-resolution C axis with direct measuring system is ideally suited for form and thread grinding. The machine concept is designed for optimum accessibility, whether for workpiece changeover, dressing or changing the grinding wheel.

The Granitan S103 machine bed’s cushioning and thermal qualities support high grinding precision and surface finish quality. The cushioning behavior can also extend the service life of the grinding wheel, which in turn reduces auxiliary times. As the machine bed largely equalises temporary temperature fluctuations, high dimensional stability is ensured throughout machining. The large distance between guideways and rigidly constructed slides further contribute to precision work.

StuderWin software is said to make programming reliable and operation efficient. Through integration of in-process gaging and sensor technology for process monitoring, contact detection, and automatic balancing systems in the control enable standardised programming of the different systems.

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