The new Gasparini X-Press Easy press brake

The new Gasparini X-Press Easy press brake is available in three configurations namely 80 tons/2 m, 115 tons/3 m and 165 tons/3 m. The frame of the machine is dimensioned using FEA, while the valve blocks, main pump and proportional valves are Bosch-Rexroth, and the optical linear encoders are Heidenhain (1μm resolution). In addition, the X-Press Easy is equipped with linear guides by Bosch, racks and pinions by Gudel, and brushless motors and servo-drives by Panasonic.


The machines offer a ram speed as high as 200mm/s across a basic four-axis configuration (Y1-Y2-X-R), with an optional six-axis version available by adding Z1-Z2. Tool clamps can be either manually or pneumatically operated on both punches and dies, while the control options are either a Delem DA-58T or Cybelec ModEva Pac CNC. Offline software is also available.

Further options include Gasparini ACSG1 active crowning technology that measures and compensates ram bowing in realtime. In addition, for eco-friendly fabrication shops, several energy saving systems can be added.

According to Gasparini, the only wireless pedal available on the market allows the user to initiate moves without cables on the floor. Additionally, for those requiring maximum production flexibility, there is the LaserLine for conical bends or for bends made without using the back-gauge.

Priority after-sales service and TeleLink remote assistance are also available.

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