The MicroStep ProfileCut series – tailor-made for precise and efficient processing of profiles of any kind

Profile cutting machine for closed and open sections, i.e. I- beams, U-channel, angle iron, pipe, rectangular and square tube. Can be equipped with a cutting table for sheet metal processing.

For cutting of open sections, such as I, H, U or L profiles, MicroStep has recently launched a new product – ProfileCut. Its specialised 3D rotator with a tilt of ± 120° enables cutting of structural sections without the need for their rotation in the cutting process. In addition to cutting of open profiles, ProfileCut machines can be equipped with more cutting zones, e. g. for processing of hollow profiles (cutting in the same way as on a PipeCut machine) or for sheet cutting like on a standard flat-bed machine. The functionality of ProfileCut can be enhanced by adding a drilling head for drilling up to Ø 40 mm hole diameter, with automatic tool exchange and internal cooling of drill bits, or by various marking devices.


Namaqua Engineering in Vredendaal, Western Cape have purchased a MicroStep ProfileCut Series machine

In addition to the processing area, the ProfileCut the system can be equipped with a cutting table for sheet metal processing. This allows for cutting of profiles, beams, plate and sheet on one machine. This will give your production the flexibility and saves the purchase of a further cutting or drilling machine. The possibility of the ProfileCut series to fully automate makes it interesting for mass production as well as for manufacturing with smaller batches.


Examples of pipe cut on the machine

To enable precise division as well as cut-outs in required spots on the beam, the machine is equipped with a laser scanner for measuring of the exact shape of profile in the place of cutting which allows the control system to adjust the movement of tool according to the true shape of the profile. In addition, the machine offers drilling and marking operations on beams.

3D profile and beam processing of up to 1000mm in height and 12 metres in length
Through the generous work surface profiles can be easily edited up to 1000mm in height and 12 000mm in length. In addition to common carrier forms such as I, H, U, L, T, round tubes or square profiles can also be edited.

Full flexibility thanks to 120 ° bevel cutting

The new 120 ° rotator allows for full editing of profiles without an additional axis of rotation in the editing area. Therefore I, H, U, L, T profiles and beams are fully customisable and can also be separated.

Laser scanner for precise determination of the shape and position

With the help of the standard laser scanner, the ProfileCut determines the exact position and shape of a profile. Material deviations from the ideal shape are detected automatically and efficiently.

Integration of technologies
The ProfileCut series can be flexibly adapted to your production need. The system can be equipped with a drilling support for the precise placement of holes, cuts and threads. Labelling technologies for the identification of final support sections can also be integrated.

Fully automated beam processing

For maximum productivity, the machining process can be fully automated which allows for feeding of the to be machined profile, determination of position and compensation for any differences in the shape with a laser scanner, fast and precise cutting of profiles, automatic discharge of the finished pieces and seamless access to inventory management, and the Micro Step Production Management – MPM.



Sections that have been cut on the machine

The range has many variations and includes machines with a working length of between1500 and 50 000mm, working widths between 1500 and 8000mm, maximum number of tool stations 6 (8G), positioning speed up to 23 m/min (depends on version), pipe diameter range between 100 and 1500mm, hollow profile 100 x 100mm and 600 x 600mm and maximum H profile HEB 1000.

The maximum thickness of material cut by plasma is according to the plasma source and the maximum thickness of material cut by oxyfuel is 300mm.

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