The longest ever fiber laser built by Ermaksan

Ermaksan has announced that the company has built its longest ever fiber laser cutting machine. The Fibermak machine has a table size measuring 18.3 metres long and three metres wide and is powered by a 6kW source.

Additional features of the machine include a 2-axis cutting head that can be moved in 45 degree left and right movements. This gives the machine the ability of linear bevel cutting at 45 degrees that aids fabricators during welding processes.

The Ermaksan 18.3 metre long Fibermak with a bevel cutting head has been built specifically for a manufacturer of conical light poles and is a tailor made product. The machine, with its 6 kW resonator, has a perpendicular cutting capacity of mild steel up to 25mm thick and 15mm for angular cutting.

The machine is also equipped with four internal and one external HD/IP camera, placed at different angles on the machine, that show real time cutting and shuttle table movement procedures on two full HD 25” monitors, for the operator to monitor work in progress.

Another feature of this purpose built machine is the suction cells that open actively according to the position of cutting head. Along with the 18 piece lateral conveyors that also work actively according to the position of cutting head, this provides accurate absorption and effective waste disposal and reduces electricity consumption.

Turkey based Ermaksan designs and manufactures durable, productive and value based machinery. With 50 years of technological investment and an innovative R&D department, Ermaksan has become one of the world’s leading companies in the sheet metal fabrication machinery manufacturing industry.

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