The KM™ system from Kennametal

Quick-change modular tooling is a clear way to increase productivity, shorten setup time, and generally improve the bottom line for job shops and large manufacturers alike. The KM™ system from Kennametal has been a top performer in this area for over three decades, and is known throughout the industry for its high clamping strength and consistent accuracy in both spindle-mounted and static tooling applications.

So when aerospace giant Boeing came to Kennametal with a request for a heavy-duty spindle connection capable of outperforming traditional CAT and BT-style adapters, tooling engineers turned to this robust and well-established platform as a starting point. The result was a 100mm spindle connection with four ball tracks instead of two and up to 40 per cent greater clamping force than comparably-sized KM tooling.

Based on that feedback, Kennametal continues to expand the portfolio. The KM4X lineup now includes shrink fit toolholders, HydroForce™ hydraulic chucks, TG and ER collet chucks, and a variety of other spindle tooling, clamping units, and modular adapters, with more on the way.

Extensions now range between 80 and 200mm range, and include centerline turning tools to support mill-turn applications and 5-axis machining.

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