The entire production process with Amada machines and latest processing technologies

“Creating the customers value using Amada’s latest machines and processing technologies.”

Productivity is the key to the competitiveness for every company. Production technologies are the source for innovation, differentiation, ensuring the clients’ loyalty and facilitating the capacity to acquire new clients for the customers. Amada not only creates machines but also answers specific needs by delivering “tailor-made” solutions.

Their main concept at EuroBLECH 2016 was “Creating the customers value using Amada’s latest machines and processing technologies.” They introduced fiber laser-cutting and welding machines, a combination machine, press brakes, and the new VPSS 3i software, the sheet-metal engineering system that can simulate all the processing operations at once. In addition Amada showed some sample workpieces with accumulated know-how of processing technology.

Also on display was an overview of Amada’s IoT, “V-factory” that was shown as a ‘Smart Factory’ concept. Eight latest technology Amada machines and Amada Miyachi products were on show in live operation.

Amada LCG AJ series fiber laser cutting machine – expanding the fiber laser machine line-up
The new line-up of LCG-3015AJ flatbed laser cutting machines, equipped with 6kW and 9kW fiber laser oscillators, offer high cutting speed, low running costs and the ability to cut copper, brass and titanium. The LCG-AJ sets a new benchmark for performance and price at this level of investment, ensuring optimum productivity and value.

New machines have been added to the LCG AJ line-up in order to make it a comprehensive range now including 2kW, 4kW, 6kW and 9kW powers. The LCG-AJ 6kW and 9kW have a lightweight Y-axis carriage with low center of gravity providing a 30% weight reduction.

With a positioning speed of 170 m/min, the fastest in class, they are also low energy consumers thanks to the efficiency of Amada’s fiber laser technology. Finally, the automation of part picking and sorting reduces production time and increases efficiency.

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