TaeguTec’s cutting tools turn economic downturn into manufacturing upturn

State-of-the-art cutting tools for reducing cost, increase productivity no matter the material.

While many economists, business analysts, government officials and investors are saying that things keep getting worse for South Africa, the reality is that the nation is a vibrant manufacturing powerhouse in the region whose potential exceeds most developing nations.

TaeguTec, the Asian metalworking company, with their myriad of tools that can handle any situation, any cutting condition, for any industry and help manufacturers cut cost while increasing productivity.

One of the most important factors in metalworking is the ability for a tool to continually and effectively drill through any material. Hence, TaeguTec’s DrillRush has become a leader in this regard not only because it can handle any cutting condition and speed, but also comes in many sizes and options.

The head changeable DrillRush line produces holes accurately, repeatedly and economically while its body’s polished flutes offer smooth chip evacuation without damaging the surface finish. The strong delivery of coolant through its twisted body channels and widened gullet design keeps the drill and workpiece material cool at all times while minimising cycle times.

It is offered as a 12xD, 6mm and flat-bottom head, as well as double margin and all points in between.

In parting and grooving applications, TaeguTec offer tried and tested cutting tools that supply high-pressure coolant in order to generate good chip breaking, reduce cycle times and increase tool life on most materials including difficult-to-cut materials.

The T-Burst line fixes the challenges machinists have in producing superior, highly productive parts at a lower cost when working with exotic materials under low feed rate conditions.

With the coolant outlet located on the upper jaw, directly over the insert, TaeguTec’s T-Burst high-pressure coolant, which is supplied through the tool holder’s internal coolant channel, shoots out with enough force and speed to the insert’s cutting edge thus allowing for lubrication of the material and cutting tool, as well as effective cooling, excellent chip breaking and increased tool life while preventing built-up-edges.

The T-Burst high-pressure line is available in several tool holder types including one that can house the highly popular and attractive QuadRush line.

TaeguTec’s QuadRush line, known for high accuracy and surface quality, is also available for external threading applications as well as a widened 8.2mm width. The QuadRush provides end-users the highest level of productivity and economy while performing parting and grooving applications.

Another important tool in TaeguTec’s extensive parting and grooving catalogue is the T-Clamp Ultra Plus. The T-Clamp Ultra Plus’ reinforced type blades with screw clamping for additional strength in parting and grooving applications, maximises rigidity, stability and increases productivity.

For milling, TaeguTec offer an arsenal of tools. One highly popular offering is the compact, four corners, double-sided insert for multiple applications, the Chase2Mill 4NKT 6mm insert for end mills, face mills and modular cutters.

The 90-degree entering angle insert, despite the double-sided design, is suitable for high ramp down angle applications. Its high positive geometry generates low cutting force while the cross edge insert geometry prevents unexpected insert failure.

Its increased insert thickness and high strength, combined with the cutter’s wide bottom for improved clamping, enables excellent high stability and productive machining.

Furthermore, the 4NKT’s smaller 6mm size compared to the 11mm and 16mm sizes, increases the number of teeth on the cutter which is not only good for machining small components but also makes it a finer pitch tool that increases productivity.

If good things come in small packages then TaeguTec’s line of mini inserts comes at a time when the current economic downturn and improved casting and forging technologies demand a change from the conventional cutting tool.

The idea behind the RhinoTurn line is to introduce a series of mini turning inserts that meet the manufacturing industry’s needs of reduced machining costs and competitiveness while keeping an eye on the environment.

Besides the new series’ small but durable size, TaeguTec’s RhinoTurn has a unique two directional clamping force that outperforms the conventional ISO directional clamping force tools on the market.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com