TaeguTec’s Chase2Mill small 6mm insert takes pressure off high ramping

TaeguTec has launched a new compact four corners double-sided insert for multiple applications – the 4NKT 6mm insert for end mills, face mills and modular cutters.

The 90 degree entering angle insert, despite the double sided design, is suitable for high ramp down angle applications. Its high positive geometry generates low cutting force while the cross edge insert geometry prevents unexpected insert failure.

The new additions’ increased insert thickness and high strength, combined with the cutter’s wide bottom for improved clamping, enables excellent high stability and productive machining.


Furthermore, the 4NKT’s smaller 6mm size compared to the 11mm and 16mm sizes increases the number of teeth on the cutter, which is not only good for machining small components but also makes it a finer pitch tool that increases productivity.

The new line of cutters is offered as end mills (D16-40mm), modular types (D16-40mm) and face mill types (D32- 63mm). All cutters include an internal coolant delivery system for efficient chip evacuation that prevents built-up-edges.


The 4NKT 06 inserts are available in two geometries: “M” for general purpose machining applications, and “ML” for low power machining in unstable set-ups and long overhang applications.

The new line is ideally suited for die and mould, automotive, miniature and general purpose industries, and is a versatile tool for general face milling, true 90 degree shoulder milling, full slotting, as well as helical ramping and pocket machining.


The Chase2Mill 4NKT new line was put to the test against several competitors’ similar offerings and was seen to substantially increase productivity and tool life. While machining grey cast iron, the new Chase2Mill 4NKT increased tool life by 25 percent says the company. In another test on a work piece that was made from mild steel, TaeguTec’s new 4NKT increased productivity by 100 percent.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com