TaeguTec’s century of expertise

For 100 years, TaeguTec has been in the business of supplying cutting tool products to companies around the world. While times have changed, the one thing that has not is the service levels offered by TaeguTec to all the manufacturing facets in South Africa.

As one of the continent’s largest economies, South Africa exports more than 25% of its manufactured products to the rest of the African continent, claims TaeguTec. That is why cutting tools used by the metalworking industry need to be reliable, efficient, productive, hassle-free and cost effective.

Luckily, manufacturing has posted an uptick in growth in South Africa and with that, companies are moving away from low-cost ISO cutting tools and cheap knock-off products toward more reliable brands that offer the most advanced coating and geometries in order to cut costs and increase productivity.


TaeguTec is a full-service cutting tool provider with an extensive line of tools for every industry, servicing the rainbow nation.

One of the company’s most popular turning products is the RhinoRush, a line that took the metal removing industry by storm when it was launched a few years ago, and is still being updated with features that have yet to be launched.

The idea behind the RhinoRush line is to introduce a series of mini tuning inserts that meet the manufacturing industry’s needs of reduced machining costs and competitiveness.

The new 9 and 13mm new line of inserts are just as strong as the 12, 15 and 16mm inserts available, but at a fraction of the cost and size, and its unique two directional clamping forces outperform conventional ISO directional clamping force tools available on the market, says TaeguTec.

TaeguTec has recently expanded the RhinoRush line with the introduction of wiper inserts that extend tool life as well as achieve excellent surface finish. Available in C, D, T and W type wiper inserts and corner R 0.4/0.8/1.2 sizes, the RhinoRush wiper inserts cover a wide range of machining applications.



Compared to general inserts, the new wiper insert achieves equivalent roughness even in double feed rate conditions. At equivalent feed rates, the new RhinoRush wiper insert achieves 2-3 times better surface roughness.

For parting and grooving, the multi-corner four cutting edge QuadRush line is a family of tools known for its high accuracy and surface quality, and is also available for threading applications.

The QuadRush “TQJ” line offers good chip control, tolerance and surface finish and conforms to the DIN 471 standards of external circlips. The “TQC” type’s improved chip breaking properties are for industrial users that require increased productivity in high cutting conditions. Due to its high-feed rate the “TQC” is designed to machine hard materials and tough applications, is perfect for general applications on steel, alloy steel and stainless steel, and is designed for good chip evacuation in medium to high-feed rate cutting conditions.

The other QuadRush chip breaker of note is the “TQS” that is made for industrial users who are looking for tools that can outperform others while performing grooving and parting applications on products made from soft materials. As it is available in several width types and cutting shapes, it has the capacity to reduce the machining cycle time compared to existing tools and its straight cutting edges, with high positive rake angle, reduce cutting resistance.

One of industry’s favourite choices when it comes to drilling into everything from alloy steel to stainless steel is TaeguTec’s DrillRush. The versatile indexable drill is constantly being expanded to provide dependable, optimal hole drilling performance.

The various DrillRush geometries and sizes such as 1.5xD, 3xD, 5xD, 8xD and 12xD not only increase productivity, but improve on tool life due to its reinforced edges and coating that are suitably designed for optimal chip control and hole quality on any material.



All DrillRush products eliminate the need to remove the entire drill from the spindle in order to replace the head, a process that shortens the workload by shortening cycle times and substantially increasing productivity.

For high surface roughness and high precision drilling applications, TaeguTec expanded the DrillRush to include a double margin indexable drill that has a diameter range of 8mm to 19.5mm.

The newest member of the drilling family is the solid carbide H-Drill NHD that outperforms the existing SHD and SHO drills due to its optimised cutting edges that are designed for improved drilling stability, says TaeguTec. Furthermore, other NHD features include a sharp straight cutting edge with precise web thinning that generates low cutting force and excellent self-centering capability for higher hole accuracy.

For milling operations, TaeguTec’s benchmark high productivity double-sided Mill2Rush lines cover the gamut of industries by providing a highly efficient line that improves economic output.

Because of the Mill2Rush’s huge popularity and recent developments in casting and forging technologies, TaeguTec has introduced an economical, pressed type 6-corner positive mini insert for 90 degree machining.

The Mill2Rush 6NKU 04 cutter that is optimally suited for low depths-of-cut conditions, is designed with a rigid clamping system and a higher number of teeth to accommodate the smaller 6NKU 04 insert’s high positive helical cutting edge for smooth machining and low cutting forces.

TaeguTec also broadened its Mill2Rush line by expanding the popular TNMX 18 series, and is the first in the business to introduce a double-sided triangular insert used in extended flute cutters, says TaeguTec.



The TNMX 18 addition is characterised by a double-sided triangular insert with an 8mm thickness and a 13mm depth of cut – all factors that enable powerful machining and add to the Mill2Rush family of cutting tools an even greater choice in heavy duty 90 degree machining.

Another small but powerful milling performer is the Chase2Mill 4NKT 6mm for end mills, face mills and modular cutters.

The compact four corners double-sided insert for multiple applications has a 90 degree entering angle, is perfect for high ramp down angle applications, has a high positive geometry that generates low cutting force and its cross edge insert geometry prevents unexpected insert failure.

The Chase2Mill 4NKT 6mm’s increased insert thickness and high strength, combined with the cutter’s wide bottom for improved clamping, enables high stability and productive machining.


Furthermore, the 4NKT’s smaller 6mm size compared to the 11mm and 16mm sizes increases the number of teeth on the cutter, which is not only good for machining small components but also makes it a finer pitch tool that increases productivity.

Last but not least is the Chase2Feed’s BLMP 13 size insert that tackles machining applications of up to 2mm in depth of milling during high-feed conditions.

With its reinforced unique design, high rake angle for better anti-breakage capabilities, reduced cutting loads and excellent chip evacuation, the Chase2Feed’s BLMP 13 is specifically designed for the milling applications performed in the heavy, die and mould, power generation and general industries.

Other positive attributes to note are its 7mm thickness, six cutting edges, and unique pocket seat that allows for stable machining in high-feed conditions.

For a complete list of cutting tools and their capabilities, visit www.taegutec.com or contact your local dealer.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com