Sturdy measuring table with easy handling – Diatest System COME

This is a versatile flexible measurement solution for all your ODs & IDs, including gear measurements.

The new measuring table Diatest System COME is suitable for conducting internal and external measurements of diameters as well as gear gauges. Users can apparently measure not only bores but also internal and external recesses and conical components.

The company points out that it offers various kits and accessories to adapt the measuring table optimally to a specific measuring application. Another field of operation for the system is gear gauging, whereby both internal and external gears can be measured. Here, too, different kits are also available to fine-tune the table to the particular job.


A major advantage of the solution is seen in the fast conversion time and the possibility of subsequent adjustment to modified measuring conditions. Moreover, it can be simply switched from internal to external measurements. According to the manufacturers, the unit has one fixed and one mobile measuring contact and achieves an accuracy of plus/minus 0.002 mm.

Mechanical or digital indicators can be used with the system. An inductive probe linked to the Diatron series amplifiers, combined with wireless data transfer of measured results make the system a powerful tool for statistical process analysis.

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