Stillam adds WorkNC to its portfolio of CAD/CAM software it markets

Stillam CNC Programming Solutions has announced that the company will in future also offer Vero Software’s WorkNC solution, a premium CAD/CAM software.

“We have a strong background in the CAD/CAM space and we understand the needs of the metalworking and manufacturing companies in South Africa. With WorkNC’s solutions, we can expand our offering to these companies, alongside the CAD/CAM and Vero software that we already distribute,” says Ryan Scott, CEO and founder of Stillam CNC Programming Solutions.

WorkNC CAM – Perfect for surface or solid models in mould, die and tooling
“WorkNC CAM software is a premium CNC software for surface or solid models in mould, die and tooling businesses for 2 to 5-axis CNC programming. WorkNC is also regarded as best of breed, complementary CAM software that enhances all design and manufacturing systems by providing the most reliable, efficient, easy to programme cutter paths, resulting in unmatched productivity and safety.”

“Whether NC programming is done on the shop floor or by a separate programming department, it’s always an advantage when the shop floor is able to load CAM data. There are many examples of mould manufacturing companies where WorkNC CAM has helped ease these companies into 5-axis machining with its effective global roughing strategies, smooth and powerful finishing, speed and ease, reduction in EDM operations and shop floor programming.”

Robot Module
“The newly-released 2018 version of WorkNC from Vero Software introduces two important new tools to the portfolio – a direct modelling CAD system, and a Robot Module, making offline programming of robots easy, even for inexperienced users.”

“As robots are becoming more commonplace on the shop floor, there is an increasing need to provide offline programming for them. New simulation and singularity resolution tools in WorkNC 2018 R1 means users can take full advantage of the enormous benefits robots bring to the manufacturing process. For example, they free toolpaths from the limitations of milling, as the tool at the end of the robot’s arm can also be a grinder, a laser head, a welding nozzle, or indeed, any other tool that engineering creativity can think of.”

“Robots also allow for the tool to be fixed, and the part to be moved around it, instead of the traditional method of a fixed component and moving tool. But robots are only as good as the software programming them, and this latest development in WorkNC 2018 R1 ensures that manufacturers can be at the cutting edge of robot technology.”

WorkNC Designer
“Described as the right CAD for CAM, WorkNC Designer is a powerful new application focusing on the specific needs of machinist programmers, enabling users to create designs or modify existing geometry from third-party CAD systems.”

“WorkNC Designer enables users to create designs or modify existing geometry from third-party CAD systems. It uses Parasolid technology, enabling hybrid and direct modelling capabilities to prepare parts for manufacturing. The module is not dependent on having a series of parameters or a feature tree. A dynamic editing and modeling environment enables users to sketch, drag, hold, push or twist to create and modify models.”

Stillam distributes CAD/CAM software for aiding the design and manufacturing processes, providing solutions for the tooling, production engineering, sheet metal, metal fabrication, stone and woodworking industries. The company’s brands include metalworking related products Edgecam and Radan, both products within the Vero Software stable, and now Work NC. Despite the diversity of application, these solutions have one thing in common: They all address the rising challenges of achieving manufacturing efficiencies and bring huge value to the operations where they are deployed.

The company has re-sellers countrywide and has developed partnerships with all the leading machine tool suppliers. Stillam offers training at their in house training facility for all the company’s products. The company’s technical staff are all internationally trained and are able to deliver the highest levels of support.

Stillam’s product portfolio addresses the need for CAD/CAM/CAE software in a large variety of focused manufacturing processes. For example, the Stillam stable includes mechanical design and manufacturing software that is specialised for a range of niche sectors such as those found within the mould and die making sector. It incorporates specific process knowledge that enables the designer or machinist to achieve complex and precise components. Providing a solution for each step in the process of design, analysis, machine and build, the software is unique in supplying such comprehensive technology for the mould and die industry.

For the production machining market Edgecam solutions combine the power of sophisticated toolpath generation with seamless CAD integration. Used globally within a multitude of industries, Edgecam consistently produces high quality toolpaths to ultimately improve productivity.

Stillam was established in 2005 when the company was appointed as the Edgecam reseller in South Africa.

For further details contact Stillam CNC Programming Solutions on TEL: 011 663 2600 or visit