Spectra Carbide Tooling takes on new lines to market

Specialist solutions provider for metal turning, milling, threading, tapping, drilling, broaching and grooving requirements Spectra Carbide Tooling have added Gleason Cutting Tools and Gesac Cutting Tools to the range of international manufacturers that they represent in South Africa.

In addition the company will now market Norton Saint-Gobain products after being appointed a distributor.

“Since 1999 when the company was established it has concentrated on supplying the engineering industry in South Africa with their tooling needs and tool management systems. We have sourced quality products from well known international names such as Walter, Ceramtec, PH Horn, Mapal, Cimcool, Oest and Schnell Teknik,” said Dave Goodman, Managing Director at Spectra Carbide Tooling.

“We have also been very successful with our Tool Management division which was formed to look after the growing tool management program and sole supplier partnerships being negotiated with several OEM and large customers.”

“We have now decided to add a few more product ranges to our portfolio including a couple of new product ranges that we have not been involved with before.”


“We will now represent Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation, a manufacturer of tools for bevel and cylindrical gear manufacturing and Gesac Cutting Tools, a manufacturer of various kinds of tungsten powder, cemented carbide and cutting tools. The third company is Norton Saint-Gobain for whom we have been appointed as a distributor to market their products countrywide.”

Gleason Cutting Tools
Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation is major international name in the field of gear manufacturing supplying machinery for the production, finishing and testing of gears, as well as a worldwide support system which provides cutting tools, workholding, replacement parts, field service, application development services, gear design and inspection software, training programmes, engineering support and machine rebuild and upgrade services.

Spectra will be marketing the company’s gear tools for cylindrical and bevel gear manufacturing.

Included in the cylindrical cutting tool range are hobs, power skiving tools, shaper cutters, grinding and finishing tools, shaving cutters, honing wheels and dressing tools, milling cutters and other cutting tools.

Gesac Cutting Tools
Gesac have been in business since 1989. They manufacture and export a range of cutting tools for turning, milling and drilling.

Norton Saint-Gobain
Norton Saint-Gobain is a world leader in abrasives providing solutions for industrial manufacturing and maintenance, auto repair, construction and the home improvement market.

Products include cutting and grinding wheels, coated and bonded abrasives, super abrasives and diamond blades. The products come in many variations but mainly cover the processes of grinding, cutting, sanding, blending, finishing and polishing.

“We are very pleased that we now have a broader range of products to offer our clients. The potential to acquire new clients in industries where we have not been active in before is also the strategy behind our recent developments. We have the infrastructure to seamlessly incorporate the new product ranges, and with offices in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Johannesburg we can service the whole of South Africa,” explained Goodman.

For further details contact Spectra Carbide Tooling on TEL: 0860 23 23 23 or visit www.spectra-sa.co.za