Somta invests in new equipment to enhance productivity and quality

Somta Tools recently installed several new items of equipment in both its High Speed Steel (HSS) and Tungsten Carbide factories.

“What is especially exciting is that most of this equipment is developed and used by OSG, and designed to give an advantage over competitors. Japanese engineers from OSG conducted the training at our factory in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal to ensure optimum use of the technology,” said Allan Conolly, Managing Director of Somta Tools.

New equipment for the production of drills were installed at Somta Tools to improve the finish and geometry on the tools and are also designed to reduce set-up and cycle times

“These are the benefits of belonging to the OSG group and they are already starting to show for the Somta Tools factory as it invests in new technology to enhance productivity and quality, the benefits of which are immediately being passed on to its customers through price reductions and improved tool performance.”

Somta Tools HSS factory
“The new equipment for the production of drills were installed to improve the finish and geometry on the tools and are also designed to reduce set-up and cycle times. These CNC machines are the first of their kind to be installed at Somta.”

Somta Tools have also purchased a Fisherscope for measuring coating thickness and composition

“In addition new measuring and inspection equipment has been introduced to improve the degree and frequency of the stringent quality checks that take place during the manufacturing process. This new development has also improved in line inspection capabilities.”

Carbide factory
“Other enhancements have been at Somta’s carbide factory where it has been upgraded further with new technology designed to improve the surface finish of the tools. This technology, especially designed and patented for use by OSG companies only, substantially enhances the performance of the tools through reduced friction, heat and wear.”

The new OTC-1 long tool image analyser, which is a unique OSG manufactured machine used to measure aspects of a tool with much greater accuracy

“In addition, the new measuring equipment installed enables Somta to produce and measure key geometries more accurately, resulting in greater consistency, reduced cycle time and improved tool life.”

Improvements to coating technology
“The introduction of new coatings, as well as equipment to better measure the coating quality, has also substantially enhanced Somta’s leading coating technology.”

An AeroLap YT3000, which will be used in the polishing process of selected tools after coating. The finish is incredible and not only significantly improves the appearance of the tool, but also gives a quantum leap in performance. This is patented technology from OSG

“Somta is on an exciting new journey as part of the OSG Group, and these investments are only the first of several new projects planned. The company, in line with OSG’s philosophy of improving local manufacturing, plans to pass the benefits of these future investments onto the market as soon as they are realised,” concluded Conolly.

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