Solid Edge ST8 speeds up learning curve; full-featured touchscreen capabilities

The latest release of Siemens’ Solid Edge® software (Solid Edge ST8) includes enhancements and new functionality that help users increase design speed and improve their ability to leverage synchronous technology, while providing greater flexibility in the choice of platform and purchasing options. In addition, the full version of Solid Edge ST8 can now be installed on tablets running Microsoft’s Windows® 8.1 operating system, giving users more freedom to design anytime, anywhere. In conjunction with the release of Solid Edge ST8, Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) business also launched a new Solid Edge App, Marketplace mobile app.


Improvements to synchronous design intent management, complex sketching and 3D feature recognition enables users to focus on designs, rather than the design tools, resulting in an accelerated modeling process. Flexible modeling incorporating synchronous technology frees the user to intuitively produce realistic, accurate designs faster, reducing time-to-market. Synchronous technology combines the speed and flexibility of direct modeling with the precise control of dimension-driven design.

In addition, simplification of large and complex assembly capabilities in Solid Edge ST8, combined with its ability to accurately simulate and predict kinematic conditions, greatly accelerates the assembly design process and significantly reduces the need for physical prototypes. Solid Edge ST8 also provides extended access to in-product learning tools, online community and the new Solid Edge App Marketplace.

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