Sneak peek: 15 features coming in SolidWorks 2016

It’s that time again! It’s time for SolidWorks 2016 and all of the exciting new features and enhancements that come with it. Most years users typically have to wait until the website launches and the new release goes live in order to get a first glimpse at some of the new features. Then, sometime later they can attend a local SolidWorks Reseller launch event to see all of the new features demonstrated live.

That changed last year when a new tradition was born on the SolidWorks Blog. You guessed it. They have introduced the Sneak Peeks!


Up until the official launch the SolidWorks Blog team will be taking a Sneak Peek at 15 exciting new features on the SolidWorks Blog website. Then, when SolidWorks 2016 is launched, they will discuss those 15 features in short, detailed Deep Dives over on the SolidWorks Tech Blog to prepare you for your local Reseller launch event. The SolidWorks Blog team will be updating the post as they move through the Sneak Peeks and Deep Dives so that you can bookmark and use the post as a reference guide.

The SolidWorks Blog team are very excited to be bringing back this series – stay tuned they say. And in the meantime, if you’re like them and can’t wait until Launch Day? You can learn more about SolidWorks 2016 by clicking the banner on the Blog page and signing up for the SolidWorks 2016 Beta Program.

Sneak Peek 2016 posts available

• Sneak Peek 1: Choose configuration during add component
• Sneak Peek 2: Expandable PropertyManager input boxes
• Sneak Peek 3: Reverse the direction of sketch offsets
• Sneak Peek 4: Purging unused features in parts and assemblies
• Sneak Peek 5: Virtual subassemblies with child components
• Sneak Peek 6: Toggling the visibility of bodies or components
• Sneak Peek 7: Converting entities with internal loops
• Sneak Peek 8: Sheet format automatic borders
• Sneak Peek 9: DimXpert for assemblies (MBD)
• Sneak Peek 10: Redesigned triad controls
• Sneak Peek 11: PhotoView 360 lighting control through proof sheets
• Sneak Peek 12: Reuse absorbed reference curves

For further details visit or contact Mecad Systems on 086 111 2236 to attend the SolidWorks 2016 launch event or visit