Smaller inserts for Iscar’s popular MillShred range

Following the very successful introduction of the Iscar MillShred P290-18 milling cutters that carry 18mm inserts, prompted by customer demand, Iscar has expanded the popular line by introducing new tools that carry smaller 12mm inserts.

The new P290-12 tools are available in the following configurations:

• P290 EPW-12 endmills in 20, 25 and 32mm diameters
• P290 EPW-M.-12 interchangeable milling heads with FlexFit adaptation in 20, 25 and 32mm diameters
• P290 ACK-M extended flute endmill with a FlexFit threaded adaptation in 32mm diameter
• P290 ACK-12 extended flute in 25 and 32mm diameters
• P290 SM-12 extended flute shell mills in 32 and 40mm diameters
• P290 FPW-12 face mills in 32, 40 and 50mm diameters

The tools feature coolant holes directed effectively to the cutting zone, whilst Hard Touch coating provides smooth chip flow and protection from corrosion and wear.

The efficient new inserts are based on the successful original design of the 18mm P290 inserts and deliver all of the larger inserts’ principal advantages. When the new tools are used with the serrated edged P290 ACKT 1204PDR-FW inserts, they produce very small chips.

They are the ideal solution for machining very deep cavities as the resulting chips can easily be removed from the machining zone. They also deliver effective chatter dampening abilities, even when positioned at very long overhang positions.

The serrations on the P290 inserts’ cutting edges are designed to provide an overlapping effect between all adjacent tool pockets, providing a “fully effective” cutter configuration.
Unlike other serrated, currently available edged inserts, the P290 ACKT PDR-FW inserts do not require any special mounting instructions, and can be clamped on any pocket. This feature simplifies tool assembly and eliminates insert indexing errors that can cause tool destruction.

The new inserts are available in the following cutting geometries:

• P290 ACKT 1204PDR-FW insert with serrated cutting edges, designed for roughing operations on a wide variety of materials, including titanium.
• P290 ACCT 1204PDR-TL insert with reinforced straight cutting edges, designed for rough and semi-finish milling.
• P290 ACCT 1204PDR-HL insert with a standard, straight-edge for finishing cuts.

The new P290 inserts are produced from Iscar’s latest Sumo Tec carbide grades that ensure high productivity. The smaller diameter P290-12 tools can successfully replace HSS tools by offering much higher material removal rates and by ensuring improved productivity.

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