Simplicity is key for Hurco

Simplicity of operation is key for Hurco for its proprietary Max 5 control for all types of machining operations. The CNC system, which runs the latest WinMax software, is intended for graphical, menu-based, conversational programming but is equally capable of handling NC code.

Unlike previously, a customer can take delivery of a single-screen control, which comes as standard with entry-level VM-series machining centers, and upgrade it later to a twin-screen version with a hinged auxiliary screen. The operator can then view images of a part as it is being created or monitor a machining process while the next job is being programmed.

Further benefits derive from the control now being an integral part of the machine, coupled with the ability to retract the QWERTY keyboard, drop the keypad from horizontal to vertical, close the auxiliary screen if fitted, and swing the whole control assembly flush to the front of the machine.

Demonstrations show how quickly and easily 5-sided components can be programmed directly at the Max 5 control using the standard conversational software. The manufacturer‘s Transform Plane facility allows all five sides to be input as simple 2D profiles, which are then rotated to the relevant face. Simple, easy-to-follow graphics guide the user through all operations and tooling options.

The flexibility of the Max 5 control is further underlined by simultaneous 5-axis programmes that are loaded from a selection of different CAM systems.

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