SigmaTEK Systems releases SigmaNEST X1.3 and SigmaTUBE X1

SigmaTEK Systems has released the latest version of their software, SigmaNEST X1.3. The new release offers new features and significant improvements, which is part of SigmaTEK’s on-going commitment to delivering elegant software through continuous innovation.

With SigmaNEST X1.3 fabricators can expect to see increased speed and quality as the software allows their machines to achieve peak performance.
SigmaNEST X1.3 introduces a multitude of additional innovations including new CAD repair geometry, new PDF and image import modules, new task parameter dialog box, enhanced features for punching, new common line punch features and a new SigmaNEST help centre.

SigmaNEST is now available as a 64-bit program, giving SigmaNEST access to more memory on computers with a 64-bit operating system. In addition, nesting improvements now allow the HD TrueShape Plus nesting engine to operate faster and more efficient than ever and provide the best yield possible.

SigmaNEST X1.3 also contains an advanced pre-form punching feature that protects parts with formed features from damage by reordering the interfering hits, designating a “crush zone” around each forming hit, and comparing it to the station diameter of nearby hits. If these zones overlap, the nearby hits are designated as pre-form punching hits, which can be reordered in Tool Sort. This update allows for greater efficiency and less wasted valuable material.

With SigmaNEST X1.3 the release covers improvements for every type of user in the areas of nesting, NC functions, user interface and help files.

SigmaTUBE X1
SigmaTEK Systems has also recently released the latest version of their automated tube-cutting software, SigmaTUBE X1. The latest release offers new features and significant improvements that are a result of SigmaTEK’s on-going commitment to delivering elegant, effective software through continuous innovation.

SigmaTUBE helps tube fabricators complete mission-critical work. It is a complete tube cutting solution for 4, 5 and 6-axis cutting machines that automatically processes and programs entire assemblies. SigmaTUBE is fully integrated inside Solidworks and is capable of programming all tube shapes and sizes. The fastest full assembly processing tube software on the market now has even more added features with the release of SigmaTUBE X1.

The new Best Stick Nesting feature is a 1D nesting option that gives you the best overall yield possible based on your stock selection. You can either select Best Stick Fixed to use a single length stock or you can choose Best Stick Mixed to allow mixing and matching.

SigmaTUBE X1 has also expanded the functionality of the new Best Stick Nesting feature into the Nest Calculator tool. The new SigmaTUBE Nest Calculator is a material optimisation tool that calculates the ideal stock length for a task. Using the minimum and maximum length and allowed increment, the calculator displays a complete stock comparison, which shows you the lengths that yield the highest utilisation percentage. This is also a tool that fabricators can use for quoting, to determine how much stock you need to complete a job prior to programming.

SigmaTUBE X1 also offers a Single Pierce Open Section Toolpath for channel and angle profiles. This option interpolates cuts on sharp corners, allowing a single toolpath to be used for the end cuts. Basically, this option provides a single cut rather than multiple passes, decreasing cut times.

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