Siemens releases Solid Edge ST9 for CAD

New cloud capabilities revealed.

The latest release of Siemens’ Solid Edge software (Solid Edge ST9) for mainstream CAD provides flexible and easy access to the full capabilities of Solid Edge with cloud-based licensing, user preferences, and collaboration tools. In addition, the new built-in data management capabilities, with zero IT support requirements, enable users to easily index their CAD models, while the new migration tools enable rapid conversion of legacy design data from virtually any CAD system. For more comprehensive data management capabilities, Solid Edge ST9 facilitates an easy upgrade to Siemens’ Teamcenter portfolio, the world’s most widely used digital lifecycle management software. Solid Edge ST9 also offers significantly enhanced integration with Teamcenter to help simplify completion of critical data management tasks.

New cloud capabilities
New cloud capabilities provide faster and more flexible deployment options, improved user access and collaboration across remote designs teams. Licenses and user preferences can be stored on the cloud enabling users to access their personal environment anytime and anywhere. Solid Edge ST9 also adds data storage options via cloud-enabled vaulting so users can store and share design data in a controlled manner with external suppliers and customers, using popular software like Dropbox, OneDrive software, Google Drive online storage service and Box. While this allows users to efficiently work online, the option to work locally, i.e. offline, is always available.


New built-in data management capabilities enable users to take control of ever increasing volumes of CAD data, with instant searches for files and properties, as well as impact analysis. There is no database software to install or database tables to maintain. The new design manager utility provides for fast and simple revision and release management, significantly improved data organisation and consistency, and faster completion of everyday data management tasks.

The enhanced Teamcenter integration includes a new ribbon bar for consolidated access to data management tasks and a new embedded window for Active Workspace. The ribbon bar helps designers quickly perform where-used searches and initiate Teamcenter workflows; easily view and edit properties information; and see how the data is synchronised. This will help speed up the learning curve for new users and help existing users complete these tasks faster and more consistently. Active Workspace, an intuitive, highly visual, and personalised environment for instantly accessing information, will provide designers the ability to perform simple text based “filter” type searches to find the data they need, and then drag parts into Solid Edge for editing, or place them into an assembly.


New migration tools build on the existing toolset for importing CAD data. For example, the associativity between SolidWorks software models and drawings can now be migrated to Solid Edge. Additionally, a robust Solid Edge 2D to AutoCAD software export tool ensures seamless mapping of Solid Edge drafting elements to AutoCAD. Solid Edge ST9 also provides easy access to the 2D designs created in Siemens’ newly announced Catchbook software, to rapidly create 3D models and professional engineering drawings from sketches.

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