Sandvik CoroMill® Plura HFS for side milling and pocketing operations

Company also launches CoroMill® 425 advanced face milling tool for automotive industry.

Sandvik Coromant has launched a new series of end mills designed to deliver high performance and security in side milling and pocketing operations. The CoroMill® Plura HFS (high feed side milling) end mills are developed for steels and stainless steel applications, but they can also enhance productivity in difficult-to-machine materials such as heat-resistant super alloys and titanium.


New CoroMill® Plura HFS from Sandvik Coromant

Today’s modern machine shops utilise the latest milling strategies, for example trochoidal milling, to enhance productivity and process reliability. The tool path is often generated with CAM software for constant maximum chip thickness and a short arc of contact, allowing high feed rates, minimum vibration and longer tool life. CoroMill Plura HFS is designed with these strategies in mind. By utilising the complete cutting length of the end mill, it achieves a higher metal removal rate with smaller diameters, compared to indexable milling and traditional milling strategies. This reduces tool costs and improves overall productivity.

CoroMill Plura HFS features include:

• an unequal helix flute design that assures a variable angular pitch in every axial section to increase the chatter-free material removal rate
• an asymmetrical chip-breaker profile that improves chip evacuation and minimises the risk of edge chipping and tool breakage
• a conical core shape with a smaller core diameter at the face to improve chip evacuation capabilities, with a larger core diameter at APMX for maximum stability

Its tough GC1740 grade is developed to manage large ap/ae combinations and resist the bending forces generated when using a 4xDC length of cut.

Ultimately, the new Tailor Made offered by Sandvik Coromant includes CoroMill® Plura end mills for manufacturers or machine shops needing a 5xDC length of cut.

Advanced face milling tool for automotive industry
With CoroMill® 425, Sandvik Coromant offers an eight-edge finishing tool designed for face milling that greatly improves the metal removal rate and tool life in the ISO K application area. Due to its innovative setting system, it is particularly user-friendly.


Sandvik Coromant has introduced CoroMill 425, a finishing tool for the face milling of cast materials. With its eight edges it is ideal for face milling components such as engine and cylinder blocks, axle housings, brake carriers and crankcases made of GCI, NCI and CGI materials. Due to its patented setting system, the tool features highly precise, reliable insert positioning that makes set-up very simple.


With the eight-edge CoroMill® 425, Sandvik Coromant has introduced a finishing tool for the face milling of cast materials designed especially for the automotive industry

On the CoroMill 425, the same inserts can be used as working or as wiper inserts. The wiper inserts are mounted in cassettes on the face of the tool. The insert version with a 25° entry angle and optimised chamfer is designed to reduce breakouts and burr formation on the workpiece. A choice of wear-resistant GC1010 PVD insert grade for dry milling and K20W grade for wet milling enables especially long tool life in CGI materials.

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