Salvagnini: smart solutions to make a smart factory

Salvagnini, known for its ability to read the signs of the market well in advance, interpret them and cater to developing needs with original, tangible solutions, presented a range of machines and solutions ready to tackle the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution Industry 4.0, once again demonstrating its innovative spirit and its key role in the development of sheet metal machine tools.

In Salvagnini’s take on Industry 4.0 the key indeed is not getting machines to talk to each other, as connectivity is their “native characteristic” and has since the beginning been implemented following the latest technologies and most advanced protocols. The challenge that the company took on several years ago, in the wake of the first signs of Industry 4.0, was mostly to define the contents of communication and the use of data, in order to make the systems easy to use, productive, efficient; adaptive, in order to offer automatic and flexible solutions, able to respond to the market’s needs but also to grow and evolve with the customer’s business.

In this sense, the huge development efforts in recent years to make Salvagnini’s solutions suitable and ready for the new manufacturing challenges, has made the company focus more and more on the topic of factory digitalisation, its target being not only productivity but also extending applicability and most of all ease of use, production, programming and maintenance.

On show at EuroBLECH 2016 were smart systems, capable of exchanging data and information with each other, like for example FlexCell, a flexible production cell, combining integrated fiber laser cutting, bending and press-braking thanks to the systems communicating with each other with a single proprietary software. The completely automatic FMS S4+P4 production line and the electric P1 panel bender completed the example of a Salvagnini smart factory at Hanover.

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