Salvagnini manufacturing cell uses single software program to optimise production flow among machines

Salvagnini has introduced FlexCell, a concept linked to the optimum management of a cell that can be tailored to meet specific needs. The system starts with bending and can be extended upstream to cutting, to optimise the workflow management of a cell comprising two or more stand-alone machines, controlled entirely by a single software program: OPS-FlexCell.

According to the manufacturer, the system lets users extend the feasibility of what they can produce by combining a panel bender and a press brake, but going beyond the classic cell-based approach to production organisation.


The system was recently displayed in one of many possible combinations: a P2lean panel bender combined with the B3.ATA press brake. The cell is fed by an L5 fiber laser cutting system with automated loading/unloading and part separation, which automatically routes parts to the cell for processing.


The three units combine with the software to allow management by one operator. The software guides the operator through the operating process and optimises laser cutting nesting patterns, while achieving the most suitable bending sequence for the parts on the press brake and panel bender.

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