Release of HyperWorks 14.0 and solidThinking Inspire 2016 by Altair

Users get further advanced capabilities in CAE simulation software suite.

Altair has officially launched HyperWorks 14.0. According to the company, this release has new products, updates, licensing methods to help users get to the right design, save time and access the latest technologies.

OptiStruct now includes more nonlinear analyses, new contact and optimisation algorithms and improvements in solution speed. A solution for the design and optimisation of lattice structures has been developed to support additive manufacturing.


HyperMesh has a new part and assembly workflow which promotes data flow directly from product data management (PDM) data structures. Combined with the new graphics engine tuned to handle even the largest models, HyperMesh 14.0’s performance is up to 15x faster for large FE models with solid elements and up to 60x faster for geometry models, while using less hardware memory, Altair states.

HyperWorks 14.0 also includes Multiscale Designer, FEKO, MotionSolve, HyperWorks Unlimited Solver Node and Click2Cast.

“With this release of HyperWorks we’ve introduced parts and assemblies in HyperMesh that directly correspond to those in the CAD and PDM world,” said James P. Dagg, chief technical officer, User Experience at Altair.

“The new assemblies are extremely flexible, allowing for modular modeling where entire subsystems can be replaced or updated automatically, keeping your CAE model synchronised with design.”


solidThinking Inspire 2016 Additive manufacturing accelerated with introduction of PolyNURBS;
cost-saving benefits for broad range of production processes.

The new featured-packed release of solidThinking Inspire® 2016 introduces groundbreaking PolyNURBS functionality allowing users to quickly and easily flow optimised designs into manufacturable products by wrapping topology results with NURBS geometry.

“Our new PolyNURBS toolset is a game changer, allowing users to create geometry from optimised results much faster than traditional CAD modelling,” explains Andy Bartels, Program Manager.


A sequence showing evolutionary models in solidThinking Inspire 2016 with optimised geometry in the middle and final design model on the right

“The result is an incredibly robust tool that has not only expanded the use cases for Inspire, but also accelerates the path to cost-effective manufacturing.”

Key updates for Inspire 2016 include

• PolyNURBS – Create manufacturable designs from topology optimisation results with NURBS geometry using a simple workflow.
• Results Comparisons – Easily identify the best design directions by comparing multiple loading scenarios in one table.
• New Load Types – Consider temperature loads, velocity, acceleration, G-loads, and enforced displacement to simulate precise loading conditions.

“Inspire embodies our vision to make simulation available across multiple user communities to facilitate innovation. We are excited to be deploying this technology through our global channel partners with their deep domain knowledge and expertise,” says James R. Scapa, Altair Founder, Chairman and CEO.

“Inspire does what few programs can; it takes a complex process and makes it easy to understand. My whole team was able to use the program after just a few hours of training and it has led to dramatic time savings in the design process,” said Doug Hedges, President of Sintavia, LLC.


Inspire 2016 is available through more than 120 channel partners worldwide, and through Altair’s patented HyperWorks licensing model. Inspire is also available as part of the solidThinking Suite, which includes Evolve 2016, released earlier this year.

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